He Lied

Lyrics to a song I’m writing: He hugged me like a mountain and told me he would keep me satisfied And now I must admit that mountain of a man, he lied. He chased me like the breeze, told me that he’d stay right by my side But now I must admit this wanderin’ man, […]

Long Time Gone

I signed into my blog today after several years of not even looking at it. I remember now how much I like to write, how much I like to connect, and how much I enjoy expressing myself. I miss this. Life is different now, I’ve grown- changed, but in many ways I’ve remained the same.  […]

Pauper of the Soul

Please take only what you’ll use I only have so little so please… I’ll leave my worries on the doorstep If you’ll promise to help my little love just grow. I’m a poor sucker with a weakness for weaknesses Just leave me alone I’ll be fine on my own Life’s just a teacher of hard […]