"My name is Norman Bulansky! Welcome to my home!"

One of my favorite movies of all time is a Hallmark movie called “The Boys Next Door”. (based on the play) The movie is about a social worker who helps four mentally challenged men who live in a home together. Nathan Lane plays Norman Bulansky, one of the mentally challenged men, who has a thing for keys and donuts.The movie shows a lot about the innocence and reality of living with a mental disability. You see each character as they go through their own trials in everyday living.
Every time someone knocks or rings at the door Norman yells out, “My name is Norman Bulansky! Welcome to my home!” I love the enthusiasm with which he anticipates every visitor. In many ways I feel exactly like him when people visit my blog. In this blog’s year and a half history, I’ve had few visitors and even fewer regular readers. I was amazed yesterday when I got home and saw an increase in visitors by ohh… I’d say 750 in one day! For the longest time, I couldn’t figure it out and then I saw a link to here on JigZone.com. I’ve never known such attention! I’m incredibly flattered and amazed! So, thank you for visiting. Welcome to my home!


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