Pretty much all men stink! (or maybe they don't)

I don’t like men at all… can I please be a lesbian now? I’ve paid my dues with men. They’ve used me, abused me, and made me feel cheap. Can I just be attracted to women now PLEASE!!!!
I’m really the kind of girl who just wants a man who will stick up for me and make me feel like a lady, but I also want him to make me feel strong. I want him to be independent and employed. I want him to have compassion and understanding. I need a man who will make me laugh. One who is taller than me, one who can wrap his arms around me and make me feel safe. I need a man who knows what to say when I’m feeling insecure, knows how to encourage me when I’m feeling week. I need a man with dark hair and an evenly proportioned body. Muscles would be nice. very very nice. I want someone who respects my opinion and values my intelligence and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I want someone who is willing to debate when he has a point to make and I want someone who doesn’t give up when communication gets hard. Most of all I want someone who will love me for me and all of me.P.S. Jack Johnson just may be my perfect man… but he’s married. Any ideas??? Anyone?


3 thoughts on “Pretty much all men stink! (or maybe they don't)

  1. That is just too funny that you put a picture of Jack Johnson! He is so cute, and I LOVE his music! Too bad he is out of reach!

  2. Well I don’t disagree that some guys are jerks, but we do have to continue with our life, no matter what. Even though it’s too much to bear when shit happens on and on and on. But the truth is, it makes us much stronger than we thought. :)

  3. I definitely love men, don’t get me wrong! I enjoy a man as much or more as the next girl, but sometimes it’s all crap. You know what I mean? But I do agree – what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Thanks Syaf!

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