Audacity to Hope Day

Today is the day to grant yourself the empowerment of optimism, the day to have the audacity even… to hope.

There is beauty in George Frederic Watts’ art and also in his interpretation thereof. He said, “Hope need not mean expectancy. It suggests here rather the music which can come from the remaining chord.” Sometimes hope is all we have, even if we are just holding on by a thread. Hope is the difference between a willingness to continue, to fight, to believe, and the decision to resign, give up, and surrender. Humanity is the essence of hope.

Hope is what keeps me going. When I am in a pit of depression so deep I can barely see the light above, that little glimmer of light is the very thing I cling to, climb towards and finally find in abundance. We all have hope. We live by it, and through it we emerge from the darkness.

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers 

I fell in love with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for this very reason: I was able to draw many parallels to life as we live it today, and it’s always worth fighting for.

Melody of Hope: Reason to Believe, Aimee Mann & Michael Penn


4 thoughts on “Audacity to Hope Day

  1. I LOVE your blog! So intelligent in such a disjointed way. Seriously, you should be paid for your writing. 👏🏼

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