Long Time Gone

I signed into my blog today after several years of not even looking at it. I remember now how much I like to write, how much I like to connect, and how much I enjoy expressing myself. I miss this.

Life is different now, I’ve grown- changed, but in many ways I’ve remained the same. 

Life events since I last wrote:

  • I moved into my own place- again. 🙂 
  • My grandma passed away.
  • Started and ended a relationship- well, a few.
  • My brother moved in with me.
  • I got a new job.
  • I’ve started volunteering… a lot!

Some big changes.


Some things that I’m grateful have remained the same:

  • I’m still me.
  • I still have the greatest friends and family in the world.
  • I still have passion for what I do.
  • I still have goals, aspirations, and hope- that’s a big one.
  • I still like bullet lists. 🙂

I know not many people will read this, because I haven’t been around for so long… but what’s new with you?

IMG_8157-Becca aka Wonder Woman


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