Pauper of the Soul

Please take only what you’ll use
I only have so little so please…
I’ll leave my worries on the doorstep
If you’ll promise to help my little love just grow.
I’m a poor sucker with a weakness for weaknesses
Just leave me alone I’ll be fine on my own
Life’s just a teacher of hard knocks and soft goods
I’m just a drunk with no prospects at hand
I’m not a drunk I’m just lost in the plan
Please give only what you can
I’ll take only what I need.

I’ve been sitting on this for over two years. I stole lines from songs and poems that I like, tweaked some of them a little… don’t know whether I like it or not, but I LOVE the title. Where’d that come from? (My head, I think.)


3 thoughts on “Pauper of the Soul

  1. With all you have you have given all….That’s the best part. You are deeply in love with someone….and now your love is giving you pain…Great Creation…Keep the good work going

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