So much to do…

Lately I’ve thought a lot about the things I want to do… but haven’t been doing.  (There are many clichés and quotes that fit this subject perfectly. They won’t be mentioned here. 🙂 ) This train of thought  may stem from the New Year and traditional New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve resolved not to make resolutions. It’s about time to get started on some of these things nonetheless.

Here is a list that I put together in hopes of finding a place to start: (Finding and watching the videos that go along with each item was a lot of fun too!)

  1. Get in Shape, Girl! Anyone remember this?

  2. Develop sound financial habits and goals:

  3. Learn to speak Spanish better than this guy: 

  4. Learn to play the guitar and ukulele. Yes, I have the Esteban Instructional Series…

  5. Move into my own place.

All of these objectives will take time. There’s not one item listed  that will come with ease or without concentrated effort and/or practice. There’s no time like the present! (Okay, one clichéd quote.) The School of  Becca is now in session! And maybe… just maybe I’ll dance with the same exuberance that this guy does when I’ve accomplished these goals.

“Arnold Wiggins: one, The System: zero!”


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