The Great Snow Bail Out of 2010

It was a day unlike any other… so far this season. It was a day to remember. Snow crowded the streets and threatened parked cars, trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs. It was as if the snow could swallow those vehicles whole – and if it couldn’t swallow them whole, well then, it would chew them up and spew them out spinning them across lanes of bustling traffic.

The morning grew weary. Salt Lake City sagged in despair and just as it was about to lose hope, four shining super stars took to the streets. Shovel to shoulder, they stood as a team. They were ready to bail snow – and bail snow they did. The Great Snow Bail Out of  2010 saved 15 or 16 vehicles that day. Some say it was more, some say it was less, some say they used plows, and some choose not to believe. Well, the proof is here, and you can’t deny the power of the four shining super stars who took to the streets with shovels on that cold and stark, snowy, winter day.

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