Harajuku Fashion Photo Shoot

Top modeling agency, TRH, sent just a few of their world-renowned models in for this shoot. Playful, With an international appeal, This taste of Harajuku Fashion is an exquisite example of what happens when you combine only the best ingredients.

Terrible Timmy! Oooohhh!The Fighter!Foxy Vardy BearKare Bear FoxIntroducing... Foxnancybear!I'm not a dog, I'm a bear... No, a fox! Huh?Grrrrr...Foxy Bear Cub FashionI am a bear fox.Cougar on the prowl!Work it baby! Work it!!Rawr!!

Really, there is a story behind this. I spent a couple of hours trying to help a friend get home from Japan when he missed his flight. He brought this back for me… because I was successful! YAY! He wore it out in Tokyo and it was a huge hit. People wanted their picture taken with him and waved and smiled and laughed.

This Wikipedia article explains more about Harajuku Fashion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harujuku

I thought it only fitting to have a photo shoot. 🙂 (Oh the fun we had!)


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