I can't sleep


Thoughts keep thinking
The world keeps going in my mind
Sounds keep sounding
Life keeps living in my mind


5 thoughts on “I can't sleep

  1. the feeling that life is so much more than me…….unfolding around me. A destined conclusion. Yet….so unknown. What is life bringing tomorrow? continual search. for understanding . of my unfoldment. to dream a again. rest again. to sleep again. fade to black.

    I like your blog Wonder Woman.

    will check back in on you


  2. some memories can never be erased even if we erase all those people.also people never avoid thinking.thats the main reason.try to calm down a while and counter the feelings that haunts u.

  3. I’m sure you’ve already tried this: count every breath backwards from hundred. Just feel the air find its way down to the lungs and back out again and count. Very relaxing. Might need a little practice. I’ve never got further than thirty before I’m sleeping.

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