Fighting with a bear…


“You think you’ve got it bad? My wife fought with a bear and won!”
-Pop Tory


On a sunny afternoon in Yellowstone National Park, my grandma and her aunt decided to go on a walk to look for bears. Pop Tory and Grandma ‘Moine stayed back and got settled- or tried to. I don’t know how much time had passed when Grandma and Aunt Vannas got back from their walk, but when they did there was a large group of people surrounding their car. Someone said, “She’s fighting with a bear!” and that’s when they saw her. Grandma ‘Moine was stubbornly clutching a package of bacon while a bear pulled furiously at the other end. It didn’t look good for Grandma ‘Moine, but she wasn’t about to give up either. Finally she yanked the bacon away, and threw it into the trunk of her car. The bear went for the bacon and Grandma ‘Moine slammed the trunk on it’s paws. It yelped in pain, pulled back it’s paws, and ran away.

Now, this is a true story, and I’m told that park rangers used it for years to come as an example of what NOT to do when encountering a bear. Pop Tory used the story for years too. I don’t think he and Grandma ‘Moine fought much. 😉

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