The Open Space of Democracy

After reading The Open Space of Democracy, by Terry Tempest Williams, I am full of hope and anticipation for the future. Her intelligence and knowledge shared have quenched a thirst I did not know I had, and made me thirsty again for more. The thirst is not only for her wise words, but for a knowledge of things as they exist and- in contrast- as I believe they must be.

I can see now how my part in democracy is as important today as were the parts played by our founding fathers years ago. They fought with patience, bravery, and an unending desire to understand and create a democracy for all Americans. They had the foresight and wisdom to create a government for the people, of the people and by the people- a government ever changing with the population that supports it and participates in it’s growth.

As an American it is my responsibility to preserve, change and grow our democratic republic as is needed in our current state- to contribute to an ever changing, ever evolving, and hopefully ever improving society.

Without each person as an active member of this democratic republic, it will be flawed, people will fall through the cracks and ultimately, we will fail. This is a civic duty that I have never recognized before. I have felt anything but powerful. I felt microscopic and insignificant when it came to politics and public interest, but I have changed.

If one person does not share or participate in this civic duty, they make a hole in the safety net of our great government. The web of our desire to preserve a functioning democratic republic must reach far and wide to encase the beauty and diversity of mankind.   


3 thoughts on “The Open Space of Democracy

  1. Although I have not read the book, you make a good point. This country was created of the people, for the people and by the people. And the people for too long have sent someone to Washington and once that person arrives there, they forget who sent them. They get in their own little world and for decades now, we the people have just let them do what they want to. But it is our civic duty for each of us to do our part. We need to stand up for what is right. As with any country, there are going to be downfalls. The evilness of society will exist till the end of time. But good shall always overcome evil. But the good cannot argue amongst themselves. We have to stand hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to rid this country of corruption and deceit. Our ancestors shed their blood so that we could have the freedoms that we have. Yet we have stood quietly by and let bigots of this world take over, but it has to start in each and every one of us. We have to find out heart and we have to find our will power. We are going to have to change our daily habits and we are going to have to change our lifestyle. The party has to come to a end and once again we have to get up, stand on our feet and let our actions take us back to a country that is free for all where freedom and prosperity is plentiful.

    Nice post Becca, You are one heck of a writer, you really should do it more often.

  2. Great post Becca! We all should have the initiative to vote, not just for president, but for our state and local elections – which are equally important. No matter what anyone says and who the president is, America is still land of the free and brave…at least for now. I want it to stay that way. I’m glad you mentioned America is a republic with elected officials who represent us. Many people do not understand that; however, many politicians have forgotten who they work for and the people have become extremely apathetic.

  3. Politcal beliefs are often a touchy subject. I’ve come to surmise that the vast majority of people can be separated into two groups- not democrat and republican. 🙂

    1)Those who are proactive. Most of these people are passionate and very vocal about their beliefs. (I used to be intimidated by these people)

    2)Those who are inactive. These people might be intimidated, apathetic, or just plain ignorant. (I used to be one of these people)

    In any case action is required. I’m hopeful that the passion will spread, and that those of us who are passionate will pass it on in some way. Just as I’m hopeful that those who haven’t quite decided yet will take the initiative to educate themselves and decide. The passion isn’t necessary, but the action is. We need to act to create the world we desire to live in. (VOTE FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE AND WHO YOU BELIEVE IN!!!)

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