Pictures with Ryder

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my favorite little guy, Ryder. He’s my nephew, and I love him more than I ever thought I could love a person – which is what scares me about having kids of my own. The positives heavily out-weigh the negatives though, and maybe someday, I’ll have kids. For now, I’ll spend as much time as I can with the nephew’s and niece that I have. Yesterday Ryder, his mom, and I went out taking pictures in some of the industrial areas of town. I couldn’t resist taking bunches of pictures of him, so her are a few that I think are cute and show his wonderful personality.

Ryder just turned 4 and is full of fun. No longer is he a baby, or a toddler. He’s a full grown little boy. He goes to pre-school and brings home some really great, creative art projects. Some of them I’d even frame. (Not just because I’m his aunt) He’s quite a talker! We have great conversations and I’m always surprised at how perceptive and thoughtful he is. He’s got great ideas, and is always directing me in how to help him fulfill these ideas. Even when he gets a little bossy, we always have fun.

He loves all trains, but more specifically Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. He was totally psyched to see the trains up close and take pictures yesterday, but when it came time to get up on that train all by himself, he was a little scared. He swears we saw Gordon. (one of Thomas’ friends) I don’t really know what he looks like, so I took his word for it.
He walked all over town with us and didn’t complain once. He’s the best 4 year old picture taking buddy ever! He even had enough patience to pose for most of these cute pictures. (Quite photogenic, I must say.)
After the picture taking, we went to an outdoor concert. It was a lot of fun, but it was a long day. He was doing front flips and back flips (while his mom and I were holding his hands) when the concert was over and we finally left. Finally he started to crash when he got comfortably into the car for the fairly long ride home.

The picture above is Ryder with his mom- my favorite sister. ; )


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