Virtually Living?

I’ve recently decided to explore the online dating scene, and I can honestly say it’s a whole new world to me. I find the whole concept and process of meeting someone on a dating site very interesting. I’ve been on a few dates through these sites, but I’d only give one of those dates a rating of 5 stars- if you know what I mean. Most of the time I get along great with men while we’re in the emailing, chatting, and exchanging photos stage, but I’ve found that nothing replaces the face to face chemistry (or lack thereof) that you feel when you meet. Is it pheromones? I don’t know, but there’s definitely something to be said for up close and personal physical attraction.

Online, I can be charming and witty and have perfect grammar, but during face to face conversation- I’m not so perfect. So, I understand when I meet someone from a social networking site that it truly is a 1st meeting. I may know this person’s favorite hobbies, movies, name, phone # and a million other little things, but I don’t know this person. Nothing can replace the moment, the experience, or the feeling of meeting in person.

Throughout my life I’ve tried not to judge by looks alone, and as a general rule I don’t, but I’ve learned that when dating online I can’t judge by words alone either. Saying that sounds a bit stupid in the traditional sense, but it seems relevant and real when the internet and social networking come into play.

I’ve read books and seen movies about the internet being a detriment to society, satires that predict a population full of fat and stupid people who rarely experience something real. (versus virtual) I’m so happy that I can say that nothing replaces the real thing. Nothing replaces sunshine, the glory and physical effort of hiking in the mountains, and nothing replaces a real human body. I’m thankful for the irreplaceable experience of reality and I’m thankful for the progress and improvements technology provides to society. I’m happy to say technology for me, will always be a supplement to living, not a replacement.

On the subject,

Books I’ve read and movie I saw :


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