Sometimes I'm me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy, sometimes I feel sane.
Some days I can change the world, and on others I can’t get out of bed.
I love deeply, and fall hard.
I think thoroughly and deeply and once I have, I strive for balance, justice and equality.
I’m fun and outgoing, yet at times I’m reserved and shy.
When I find that something isn’t going as planned, I sometimes feel let down and discouraged.
Sometimes I’d rather give up, than settle.
The people who I look up to the most are the ones that get things done. They know what they want and don’t stop till they get what they want. 
Sometimes I don’t know why I can’t be that person. I try.
Am I too hard on myself?
Do I give up too easily?
Do I worry too much?
Do I do enough? try enough? work enough?
At the end of the day, there may be more questions than answers, but I’m glad that I’m here and I try.



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