Moving On

Yes, I’m moving. As of March first I will have a new residence. I’ve absolutely loved the apartment I’m in and I’ve made some life long friends in this area. The good thing is, once I’ve moved, I’ll still be in Salt Lake City and close to my job & friends. I just won’t be in the middle of downtown- which, I have to admit, I’ll miss.

The greatest thing in the entire world right now is that this move will be saving me money. That’s always a good thing! The stress that comes with moving and the hard work associated with it will all be worth it once I’m in my new place… but for now- it’s back to work for me!!


8 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Happy shifting, Becca! It’s gonn abe great! This month, I relocated to an entirely new city, riding on a new job!!! It sucks thou, coz it’s a new beginning again!

  2. Thanks to all of you! Shan, I’ll give you a call.Manoj, How’s the new job & city?La Libertad, Thanks for the support, it’s always nice to have someone tell me everything’s going to be all right.I’ll keep you all updated on the move. A celebration will be in order when it’s done!

  3. Are those boxes heavy? I really hope you have a great time moving. It is so much fun. What is even better is when you get everything packed up and you cannot find something that you really need,lol. Anyway be careful and do not drop anything on your foot, that will hurt, trust me.

  4. All seeing eye- thanks. I’ll be around more often now- well after I move.Dwayne- you think you’re so funny don’t you??BobG- I’m moving to the East Millcreek area.

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