We could have died… (9/9/2007)

I took what was supposed to be a leisurely float down a river this weekend, and ended up tossed and bruised. I was with a group of 13 people, 2 of which were children. It took a turn for the worst when we encountered an area in the river that had huge rocks everywhere. There was no where to go but over/through the rocks. Someone should have done a little more research on the lazy river. They would have found that it wasn’t so lazy and a lot rocky. I was so afraid that somebody was going to drown! Fortunately the kids had life jackets on!

We all ended up in the water in one way or another, and I think we all feared or expected the worst at one point or another. My inner tube was punctured by the rocks, and I found myself clinging to a wet, floppy, flat. It was kinda scary- even more scary to look back on.

My sister definitely saved her son when their raft started to sink. I don’t think his head went under water once! My brother also saved quite a few people. He was the hero of the day for sure. I remember grabbing someone who almost got sucked down the river. We all saved each other I guess.

When we were all out of the water, we were on two sides of the river. The people by the highway ended up flagging down a trucker and the rest of us walked a mile and a half down some rail road tracks to find the road and a ride back home.

It took me a few days to get that rafting trip out of my mind. It really hit me that the whole outcome could have been a lot worse. I consider myself lucky to be alive.

The weekend get together was planned in honor of my aunt and mom’s 50th birthday. It would have been tragic and impossible for me to deal with if anyone had been seriously hurt or killed! I’m fine though. My bruises are going away, but they’re my daily reminder of the whole ordeal. We all thank God that no one was seriously hurt. I won’t be heading down a river without a guide again.


2 thoughts on “We could have died… (9/9/2007)

  1. Wow!That really is some scarey stuff! I’m glad you and everyone else is safe! There used to be ‘Tube Races’ down the Salmon River, up north from me in New York. They banned it because someone had drowned doing exactly what you had done. I got the chills when reading your story cause I’ve been in a couple scarey rides like that myself. I’m glad it turned out well.~ZZ

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