Insane Experiences of a (fairly) Sane Woman

Day after day, I said good morning to the security guard in the lobby of the office building where I work. Day after day, the good looking security guard said good morning right back. Our morning greetings turned to a bit of a flirt and when he finally asked me for my phone number, I felt safe giving it to him (my listed number) because, well, anyone who knows my last name could look it up anyway.
We talked a few times on the phone over the space of 2 days and it was decided that we’d meet that evening- the evening of the 2nd day. It was almost time for us to go out and I got sick. I called to cancel, and he begged me to come anyway. (such disregard for my well being!) His whiny ways were a big turn off. He said he’d call me back. I put my phone on silent and went to sleep. The next day I awoke to find that I’d missed 30 calls from Good Looking Security Guard, and that he’d left me 6 voice mails, and 2 text messages. As I turned the sound on my phone back on, he called again. I ignored the call. Obsessive is the word that comes to mind.

The next call was answered with an explanation that his calling so many times freaked me out- wasn’t good etc. He told me not to think that way- like he can dictate how I feel!

Later that night when I was out with friends, he called again and asked if we were still on for our date! STILL ON FOR OUR DATE!

I made it clear that pursuing our relationship further was not an option, even repeated it in a second phone conversation 5 minutes later… and then a friend helped reinforce the statement when the stalker, I mean security guard called again…

You think the story of the 3 day stalker ends here??? I had hoped it would.


It’s Christmas time, and lately I find myself working on all sorts of crafty projects that I can give as gifts. I stopped by a craft store the other evening to look at their yarn selection. I was at the rear of the store when the thought occurred to me that someone might be following me. There were a few things that clued me in:
  1. Tall man in a yellow hoody by himself in a craft store.
  2. Tall man in a yellow hoody mysteriously appears by the yarn, paints, glue and other areas of the store at the same moment I happen to be browsing there.
  3. Same man in yellow hoody introduces himself.

It was an weird situation made even weirder when he told me he wanted to talk to me to get to know me better as I was saying goodbye and getting ready to leave the store. His clothes were dirty and he looked cold. I couldn’t figure out whether he really wanted to talk to me or if he just wanted to be some place warm. The second would be my guess, but I wasn’t much help as he followed me out of the store seconds later.



I drive to work early, and by early I mean 4:30 AM. On Sunday I was driving to work at the normal time and I had to do a double take as I drove down one of the main streets on my way. It was snowing and around 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I was cozy and warm inside my car and even had a microwavable heater bag in my lap to keep me extra warm. The reason for the double take was a girl in the middle of the road trying to flag down a car. I looked back and could see that she was wearing little or no clothes. I turned around because I thought this girl might be in trouble. When I pulled over and she thanked me and asked for a ride. I told her to get in to the car and out of the cold. She was wearing some rubber boots, a fanny pack and her underwear- oh and a light jacket that she said was her boyfriends. I asked her what was going on. She never got around to giving me a straight answer, but from what I gathered, it had been her birthday, she’d been out partying and was supposed to meet her boyfriend who didn’t show, so she was flagging down cars to get to his house. It wasn’t far away so, I dropped her off- making sure she got inside safely. Made for a great story once I got to work.
That is all… for now!

9 thoughts on “Insane Experiences of a (fairly) Sane Woman

  1. Interesting that only the creeps and weirdos get the phone numbers.Maybe I need to take some Uncle Fester lessons…

  2. Don’t beat yourself up over character judgement. Its not our fault when men go all stalker on us. I’ve had that happen more than a few times. Its soo freakin creepy. The last time it happened to me was on MySpace. I started emailing with a guy on a wednesday. then i went out of town on friday after emailing with him a few times. I was at a cabin away from the internet so didn’t check it until i got back on sunday night. there were over 25 messages from him. they started out asking why i wasn’t answering his messages. then they turned into apologies for anything he might have done to offend. then they turned into questioning what happened to “us” and how did it all go wrong. Talk about an email-stalker nut- job all rolled up into one. jeez.

  3. PHEW!! I’m glad you understand! Thanks for taking the time to share. It’s comforting knowing we’re all living in the same world.

  4. Neediness is a rule of life. Just the inappropriate timing of it all…Yes, I feel sorry for you in those dilemmas, but it isn’t always so easy for a guy to engage. And how many (of them) feel like anyone “would” care if they did engage? And don’t forget, they likely learned that behavior from a very abusive childhood. So, give a little compassion, that’s all.

  5. JP-As usual, you’ve given me cause to think. There is a need for compassion in every situation and every situation deserves its own consideration. There also comes a point when compassion needs to make way for common sense and self preservation- especially when a situation involves a lack of respect and concern for any person’s wellbeing.Unwesen-It would have been a cooler story, but also a lot creepier had they all been connected. Thank goodness these things came in small doses!

  6. So, how is it going to work now with the Security Stalker? Did he stop calling…what happens?Also, love the story about the near-naked girl in the cold.

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