Hello again!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and when you’re busy. (People always forget to say that last part) I’ve been busy having fun, so time has really been flying by. I must admit though, I’ve missed blogging! Over these past few weeks, whenever I sat down to write, something got in the way. For at least a week my blogging absence was due to computer malfunction, and the rest of the time- well the rest of the time I didn’t know what to write.

I look back on the past three months and I can see how writing helped me through. It was the thread of sanity that I clang to. I know that they say hind sight is 20/20, but really, I’ve never thought of it from an emotional standpoint. While I’m going through the feelings, I rarely interpret them as well as I do looking back.

There’s a lot to be said for living in the moment. I’ve learned it again and again. Most of my frustration comes from my impatience for obtaining what life has to offer. The world is now a place where nearly everything we could ever want is at our finger tips- and this has done nothing for my patience. Taking time to enjoy every detail of every experience, every feeling, and every sight without getting distracted is hard! MINDFULNESS!

I once read about a person doing the dishes and enjoying every detail of it. It takes some imagination, but even the mundane, day-to-day tasks should be appreciated for what they’re worth. Although, I haven’t quite mastered an appreciation for cleaning the toilet. Yuck!

My whole rambling, incoherent, round about way of learning sometimes, usually, eventually works. It just takes time.

“The creative individual cannot grow up because he keeps growing.”
-Eric Hoffel
From his book: On The Road



8 thoughts on “Hello again!

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  2. I appreciate the insights in your posts. I’ll be visiting your blog often and I look forward to reading more of your ‘learning-from-rambling’ sharings. It helps me reflect on the essentials. Thanks.

  3. Ya know, I knew I hadn’t been here in a while. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any posts in my google reader. You’ve been MIA! Glad you’re back around darlin. Don’t let anything else get in the way!! We love to read you. 🙂

  4. I know a lot of missed you. I had been coming back to check your posts and I just kept wondering where you’d been. Glad to see you again. And yeah, you remind me of the time I was taught by a soldier who happened to be my bestfriend’s dad the art of cleaning toilet bowls. Really yucky. I had to do that with barehands…What an experience…(LOL)

  5. Yeah!!!! Your back!!!Patience…yeah that can be a toughie at times…I write this because 90% of the time I want things yesterday…and often I’m so lost in la la land that I lose the moment. As of late though I have been trying this new thing..”Find the Rainbow” whereever my head is spinning off to in the moment I stop and force myself to find the colors of the rainbow in the setting I am currently in…sometimes it’s REAL easiy other times it’s hard…but the colors, the rainbow is ALWAYS there if I take a moment to stop and see it….I think I just gave myself an idea for my next post :)Glad to have you back!!!!

  6. It is my first time responding to a blog, and I have actually just started my own, but I have been searching for someone with common views. There is so much we miss just living the day to day. So much we take for granted. If anyone would just stop to view the delicacy of a flower, or the sound of a breeze, so many more of us would find joy in the world. With all the terrible things going on in our lives, we all need a little vacation of the mind and we need to step back and put our lives in perspective. I too, am glad you are back. There need to be more writings like these. Maybe then people will stop being so self centered and learn to see.

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