Keep on Keepin’ on

Sometimes it’s easier to write about my stupidity than it is to write about my personal triumphs- the good things. It’s easy to float along through life when everything is going right. It’s the hard times that cause me to think and re-evaluate. I don’t want to forget the things I’ve learned.

“To know and not to do, is really not to know”
-Stephen R. Covey

My life is so wide open right now and I’m struggling to keep it headed in the direction I want to go. In order to keep peace and direction and happiness in my life, I feel the need to set some goals so that I can remain focused on that which truly has the most meaning to me. Life is often difficult, and I get overwhelmed when I let things go, put things off, and prioritize the wrong things.

I often find myself caught up in other peoples’ problems when I should be worrying about my own. I think that my own personal success is all about finding and keeping that love/respect for myself. If I have that as my center, then I can help the people around me without getting lost myself.
My dad taught me how to use a cycle of learning and growth that has never failed me yet. (when I remember to use it) It also is another great taken from the advice of Stephen R. Covey.

The steps are fairly simple, and can be applied to almost any project or situation.

  1. Plan: Make a plan
  2. Act: Carry out your plan
  3. Report: Report the results of your efforts
  4. Evaluate: Evaluate the results
No matter what the objective is, this cycle allows for failure and mistakes. Also, if used over and over again, it facilitates growth and progression- Two things that I never want to stop striving for.

18 thoughts on “Keep on Keepin’ on

  1. That’s a great plan and amazing words of wisdom. I was at a point, several years ago, where I needed to do just this. Somehow, in the past 6 years my life has become exactly what I imagined and hoped for. I hope you find that inner and outer peace. And I hope you never stop taking the time to pat yourself on the back for the things you DO accomplish. “And I hope you never lose your sense of wonder..”sorry Lee Ann Womack moment. 🙂 Great post.

  2. People forget that the only way they can help others be happy and successful is to first be happy and successful themselves. Take care of yourself first and everyone around you will be happy. Don’t and you’ll see the opposite.

  3. I hear you girl….I hear you! Life is not as black and white as we all think, and it not always as simple as right and left. Sometimes, you have to sit and wonder if you’re taking the right path! I wish you well my dear!

  4. I think that just by being aware that you don’t want to forget the lessons in life and having the desire to always learn puts you on the path toward peace and positive progress. We are all constantly learning. Best wishes to you, Wonder Woman!Keli

  5. Is the little simple things that often produce the greatest results. I often sort of, kinda, well not totally start out with good intentions of makeing a “plan” to follow and end up getting distracted. I usually end up with the results I’m looking for…but not without all the misdirection of a missing plan.Thanks for the reminder.:)

  6. I’d agree… one person’s biggest mistake is to never progress… we are not suppose to be perfect (as we can’t) but we are suppose to be better than before… 🙂 awesome blog

  7. I think it’s always best to jot it all down. The goal and the small steps needed to be taken to reach and mini deadlines for all. Break the whole down to details and get the details done. The best of luck with your POA

  8. I agree with you, setting goals for myself to keep myself focused are things that I have toyed with for a while. After reading you post though it makes a whole lot of sense and I am going to start doing that to focus more one things I want to accomplish.

  9. I think it is a common problem for most people, life is very much like trying to meditate. Your mind always veers off into different directions and your always having to bring it back to center. It’s a never ending task, but practice makes perfect.Good luck to all…

  10. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish. :DI’m the phone call my family makes when they are tearing their hair out about something big or small.I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN :DJJ

  11. Steven Covey, where would people be without him. Good to see you made it to 2 on the blog. Long time since I wrote you.

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