Dancin’ With Myself

My great, great grandmother died dancing. One night while out dancing- just after a dance with her dance partner Mr. Palmer- she collapsed as she was leaving the dance floor and never got up. It was the dancing that killed her. Her name was Josephine and she was 74 when she danced her way into heaven. It’s funny how you can feel such a strong connection with someone you’ve never met. Grandma Josephine loved to dance. Doctors told her that if she continued dancing it would kill her, obviously she didn’t let that stop her. She died happily from doing one of the things she loved.

Dancing has always been a great release for me. I don’t claim to be good at it. To me, dancing is the act of letting go completely, not caring about who’s watching, feeling the music and moving. That’s true dancing. It’s an art form like no other. It can also be pretty funny when you dance in a swimming pool. (I tried the other night, and we laughed so hard our muscles hurt from smiling)

I’ve been stressing today, over meaningless little things. So tonight I’ll take a cue from grandma and have some fun. I’ll be dancin’ with myself, letting go of my worries, and thinking of her.


11 thoughts on “Dancin’ With Myself

  1. Life with out fun is like a nerd without braces!!! Enjoy yourself. Your granmother left a legacy for you in order to provide the lesson that you needed at the exact time you needed it…life is funny like that! Have fun 🙂

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. She sure proved that there should be no reason to stop doing what you find joy in your life. It’s better to die from the best adventure in your life than to live knowing that you couldn’t. I’m glad you danced your way to inspiration!

  3. That is a touching story! Good for Josephine! She left this world doing what she loved! That is really cool! I hope you kicked up your heels and had a great time!

  4. May I also add… It’s holding back that can really kill us, maybe not physically… but inside… I’d rather life giving it all, I’d rather die without any regrets… kudos to your grandma… I’m sure she is dancing forever in heaven… 🙂

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