Happy Pie-an-Ear Day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Pie-an-Ear Day!

  1. Does this mean I have to put a pie in my ear??? And if so, does it have to be any particular flavor or type???:) Smile

  2. HEE HEE! You a make a me laugh!!! One pie of any flavor for each ear would be fine. My sister’s father-in-law hung two from his hat. I think that’s a good way to do it!!(Really though, it’s been 160 years since the first pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. Accordingly it’s a state holiday: PIONEER DAY!)

  3. I grew up in Utah, and it is a HUGE deal there. We still celebrate it, even though we don’t live in Utah anymore. It’s *almost* bigger than July 4th for Utahn’s- I said almost.

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