Live the Life You Love- Love the Life You Live

One of the most important things in my life is to take time for myself: Time to think, time to pamper, time to do the laundry and time to do all the little things that can’t be ignored. I have to remind myself over and over again to take time for these things, but they are necessary for my well being. Why do you think it’s so hard to remember?Maybe it’s the fast pace of the world today- that and the general way that living has changed. No longer is the daily purpose of life just to survive. We do that already and we have many luxuries. We’ve grown fat, but certainly not lazy. Now our days are filled with jobs, hobbies, politics, computers, entertainment, networking, and lots of driving around.


Often I become so involved in my job, that I don’t do well on a personal level. While it is of the utmost importance for me to do something I enjoy for a living, it is also important for me to enjoy how I live. I do a lot of forgetting. In general, it has become necessary to remember what’s so wonderful about ourselves and work through the daily happenings that challenge the self-esteem and distract us from truly loving who we are. We are the basis of our own happiness and how can we spread the joy if we lose ourselves in the day to day?

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through taffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”
– Ellen Goodman


17 thoughts on “Live the Life You Love- Love the Life You Live

  1. Excellent post… well said!I think sometimes people confuse all of the hustle and bustle of the modern existence for their “lives”. It’s easy to get wrapped up all that driving, working, yard work, errand running, etc and mistakenly assume that that *is* life.The problem is that it’s also easy to forget that there’s so much more to life than those daily, mundane details. Hopefully your motto helps you avoid falling into that trap!

  2. I’m here from a random search at MyBlogCatalog and glad I came as you have a great blog!I do agree with you in this post – well said, and my I ad: What you are focuses on, you’ll get more of!Since we have our vacation, right now we focus on fun and friendship:-)

  3. Thank you Becca:) I am very happy to see this post. I really like the part about loving yourself because without it you purposefully shortchange the person you are. We all deserve to be loved by ourselves:)

  4. Nice…I tend to always revert back to counterculture ideas like “Be Here Now” because if I live in the moment then everything that is great about life tends to rear its head.

  5. Excellent advice. And I can attest to its effectiveness. It’s been 8 months since I’ve worked. It’s been wonderful reacquainting myself with me again. It won’t last, because I will soon need to earn some money, but I refuse to ever go back to the rat race I was a part of. It was deadly.

  6. We just reminding once in awhile. Sometimes life takes us to different directions and we forget what’s important. Thanks for bringing this up.

  7. I’m definately relating to what you said in your blog post. i work in health and fitness and there have been countless tmes when I have been working so hard that my own health has taken a beating!!sometimes it seems that we are all slaves…yet there is enough food and shelter for everyone on the planet…

  8. You know I was so stuck in keeping all my “stuff” (my physical possesions) I had to work like a gazillion hours to maintain it all..the trade off for my”stuff” was my life…I essentailly gave up a year and a half for a tv, a apartment, new furniture , etc. What I neices 6th birthday, my nephews transformation into spiderman..the list goes on and on .For all the work I do I can never buy those momnets back. You are so on target about making the time to just LOVE yourself..because, if you gotta live with yourself for your whole life…may as well love yourself as much as possible during the time your here 🙂

  9. I really enjoyed reading that article, it makes me think that I never take the time to do the things I need in life… I’m always working on projects and don’t take the time to do the important things in life. 🙂

  10. It’s amazing how no matter where you’re at in life, it always finds a way of filling up with stuff. It’s picking the right stuff to fill it up with that makes for good living.

  11. Live the Life you Love: I’m trying that out this year with a new career pathLove the LIfe you Live: I am so fortuntate for the gifts in my life. For my husband, my loving family, and the opportunity to try new thingsGreat post…You are right on my friend!

  12. thansk for your comments becca(?)…you have some good takes on life.My wife has the same motto as her cell phone inro

  13. I do agree, but on the flip-side of the coin – a person does need a balance between the hustle and the silence.I’ve taken pride in enjoying my life and loving myself for all of who I am. In extreme cases I often don’t do the small things, not because of being caught up, but by beeing free – if that makes sense.I’ve never been someone that’s very tied to working too hard, not coz I’m lazy, but because my writing is what I love the most and when it grabs me, I forget about the world outside.It’s sometimes hard to get away from the life I love coz I love it so much, but when you’re in a relationship and you have other’s feelings to consider, it’s not easy to let go without a fight.If I could live on an island, with food and drinks and no worry about money. I’d sit there in the sand with my writing, under a tree, sipping a decadent cocktail and lose myself in my love for creating.People always strive to better their current situation and without notice, let the sacret moments pass you by. It makes me feel so good to see people taking the time to stand still for a second of reflection.May you experience conscious moments of peace and freedom in this world.Thank you for making the people wonder.

  14. yes we must all Love + Cherish the simple things in Life that bring us such Joy + Happiness!!!Sex Drugs + Rock n Roll come immediately to mind!!!!!;PPP

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