Hello Me! How are you?

There are some days when I wake up, and realize that I’m a different person than I once knew. I notice the changes, the growth, the set-backs. It’s a little backward, I think- to get to know yourself once you’ve changed and improved over time. It seems that I’d be comfortable with me by the time I’d changed, but I compare it to meeting a stranger. There are days when I wake up to the person in the mirror saying, “Hello Me! How are you?” and I jump back- because if I really knew myself would I have to ask?

The fear, I think, is my resistance to change- although it’s already happened- how did it slip by with out me noticing?

“We are creatures of habit.” an old woman used to tell me every week. So, when I change slowly, I trick myself. I think I’m living habitually, when in fact, I’m changing and growing. We all do, and it’s rare that someone will change drastically overnight.

My conclusion is that these changes are good, and the fear is good. It keeps me in check. I’ll never be the type of person who goes for years without really knowing who I am. The advanced me checks up on the slower me every once in awhile to make sure.


25 thoughts on “Hello Me! How are you?

  1. Such a true post and one that currently strikes an accord with me. I’m on the verge of my 20 year high school reunion and its kind of made me look back at who I was. Yes, it’s cliche, but I spend most of my time looking forward, seeing how I can make the best of things. Looking back feels awkward, but I’m glad I did. I like where I am now!

  2. Like Chip, this post strikes a chard with me as well. I sometimes look at myself and think, “WTF? Who’s that?” Looking back, I know exactly who that guy is/was. Looking forward… I’m not so sure anymore, but I’m at least willing to glance in that direction now and again.

  3. Brillant post. :)Sometimes I think that We have to really look at ourselves once in a while, like you just did, or we lose who we were. maybe we don’t always like ourselves at 13, 20, 25…but they were people who were well intentioned, for the most part, and they deserve to be remembered. :)Wonderful post. I am so glad to have met you.

  4. Seiche: thanks for the added perspective. It’d be cool if we could look in the mirror and see who we are going to be.Cindy: Wonderful sentiment! I agree that the us from the past needs to be remembered. Think of the valuable lessons lost if we didn’t. It’s very nice to have met you too!!Write on!

  5. A lot of people accept how family or friends see them as their real self. Good? Bad? As we get older it would seem some might give up in a sense, accepting their new limitations that arrive, some say, each and every year. So you have filled in those roles yourself taking over your view on how others perceive you, and thus, it is you sitting in the captains chair. I respect that:)

  6. That’s some great insight Bobby! I would have never thought of it that way! I’m happy to be captain!

  7. hi…same as u… sometimes im looking at myself thinking is this is real me??? bcoz theres a lot of changes in me evrday…nd sometimes i realize that i missed the real me…nice blog.. very straight forward… keep it up!tnx for dropping my site.. ‘ope u like it…cheers!

  8. Wonder Woman…really like your style…@Seiche”…this post strikes a chard with me as well. I sometimes look at myself and think, “WTF? Who’s that?” Looking back, I know exactly who that guy is/was. Looking forward… I’m not so sure anymore, but I’m at least willing to glance in that direction now and again”.Could not have said it better. In life as one gets older there is an ongoing crisis…some people handle very well while others become obsessed and never recover.

  9. I suffer from over self-reflection, especially since I have children (my daughter especially) and every day I wake up and think “someone is using me as a mirror; as a blue print.” It freaks me out but keeps me in check. As always, love your posts.

  10. mmmmm…I find it funny, weird and strangly comforting that I’m not the only one who gets lost in my refelction at times.Your so on point about the resistance to change concept..for me I often get lost in the dis-comfort of what I know fearing the freedom it may really provide. All in all change is constent right. But I guess the real question is are we changing for the better or changing for the worse. Love the post as cliche’ as that may be..you make me think

  11. Indeed, made me think.I feel sometimes I’m at a crossroads. Is this who I am? Who I should be? It’s definitely not where I thought I’d be 15 years ago, but is that good or bad?

  12. Change has always been my constant. It’s the thing I relish. Go figure. I’m struggling with a few right now, though. Some I should have expected.

  13. I guess the one thing that’s true for us all is that change is constant. It’s how we react to change and how we change that makes us different. I value the diversity more than anything. I believe that many times truths are solidified for me in the words and wisdom of others. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I weren’t ready to accept those tidbits of wisdom.

  14. Hi, Its a great thing to share with us! Sometimes I too see myself in the mirror and think how the days are running out so fast!

  15. Hello! Thisi is the first time I visit your blog…it’s very beautiful…about this post…I can say I feel exactly like you!!!

  16. If you could look at your future self in the mirror, would it still be you, or a different person? OrIf you met yourself, would you get on?Just thoughts!

  17. I never thought so many people think the same way I do! Welcome!Mike~ those are definite thoughts to ponder. Maybe even inspiration for a new post!

  18. Yes. We are changing every second of time as our cells renew themselves. Since we are changing, we should change for the better and be happy with the change.

  19. Well, every people have to change, because we need to learns more about the live… and is good to keep a positive attitude…P.D: Excuse me if mi english is no so good, but I speak spanish, I found this blog and I decide to write because I like it!!

  20. My husband was nervous about my constant changing ideas for things…my style, my decorating sense, my hair, everything. Could my habit of change affect our relationship? Would I want to change him for someone else? It’s a very interesting question that I ask myself a lot too. My husband is my life and the best man I have known..but sometimes I get scared..will I want a change?? I hope not!! (and I highly highly doubt it!)

  21. Change, Growth & Fear – the 3 things my spirit bleeds for and yet a part of me resists with all my might. Thank you for this blog. Is relevant to what I’m going thru at the mo’.take care…

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