Evolving Knowledge- Tidbits of Truth

I saw the movie Fracture yesterday. It was a great movie and it left me thinking. I didn’t necessarily think about the movie, but the movie prompted my thoughts:

There is such a thing as a bad person, just as there is such a thing as a good person. As a good person, I have no knowledge or inkling of why bad people are bad or why they continue to do bad things. Most of the time, it’s not important for me to know such things. In matters of good versus bad: It is always necessary to judge for myself. It will at times be necessary to judge for my children, it is not necessary for me to judge for anyone else.

Bad things happen to good people, but good people never have to do bad things. The power the good have when the bad prevail is the power to choose.



4 thoughts on “Evolving Knowledge- Tidbits of Truth

  1. Definitely sounds like a movie to get us all thinking if these are the sorts of thoughts that arise from it. I’ll have to look out for it.

  2. Tracey, it was a great movie with two of my favorite male actors Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. (mmm… Ryan Gosling!)

  3. Not to be against the thought you had, but bad people are not solely ‘bad’. Nor are good people always as ‘good’ as we think.People are certainly complex, even the ‘bad’ ones who likely did not get their needs met at some defining point in life, probably at one point or another did standard societally good things. And doing ‘bad’ is a matter of degree and perspective held by those around you. ‘Bad’ people are unusually frustrated by a whole host of things, and it comes out negative. (People have used violence to change their government because negotiation was useless or oppression continued or it seemed fruitless. American Revolution?)As far as choice, to use an example where a ‘good’ person choice ‘might’ be be wrong: abortion. An otherwise caring, but afraid teenage woman might choose to opt out of caring for a child. It is a legal act; but is it a good act? Is she defined good from there on? (It depends…on who is doing the defining.)I’m sure this will not go over well, but people have made/done bad things and recovered; but many refuse to understand their plight or see that desparation (in the moment) can color decisions.

  4. Jay, I completely agree. Thank you SO MUCH for your input!I rarely categorize a person as good OR bad, but there are a few out there whom I’ve decided are bad- for me. They have good in them, but choose bad more often than not. I don’t spread the word that I’ve decided these people are bad. I just know for myself what I have to choose. I’ve thought about this subject long and hard. It is like the title says, “evolving knowledge” in my mind.I actually wrote something on this awhile back: “I guess it’s not for me to judge. It is for me to decipher between right and wrong and separate myself from that which I know is wrong. The hard part is knowing just what to separate myself from.”I firmly believe that.The best thing about being alive is the power we all have to change and to choose. It’s in our nature to do so, and whether we change for good or bad is entirely up to us.

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