Summer Livin’

After a wonderful week or so away from the blog, I’m back and better than ever. I’ve been swimming and barbecuing nearly every day for the past week! I’ve attended festivals, birthday parties, family gatherings, and been to all sorts of parks. This is the life!!! I’m tan, relaxed, and happy!

I lost my job a while ago, and the first thought that came to my mind as I left on my last day of work was, “I’m free!” I never want to lose the knowledge or the feeling that I am indeed free. Losing my job was not an easy thing, but everything comes at a price. Liberation, confidence and life lessons learned are what I’ve gained through all of this.

I just finished reading Fahrenheit 451. There’s one part that really stuck with me. It keeps running through my mind and has contributed to the theme of my summer. It’s a line Granger quotes from his grandpa:
“Stuff your eyes with wonder,” he said. “Live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world is more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask no guarantees. Ask for no security. There never was such an animal, and if there were it would be related to the great sloth which hangs upside down in a tree all day, every day- sleeping its life away. To hell with that!” he said. “Shake the tree and knock the great sloth down on his ass!”

There are hobbies, interests, and passions that I’ve only begun to explore. It’s time to forge ahead. I’m shakin’ the tree.

This is one of the most wonderful times of year. It reminds me to live and experience life to the fullest. I’m reminded of the great founders of the United States of America, the wonderful nation I live in, the freedoms I have, and the blessings I’ve been blessed with.


8 thoughts on “Summer Livin’

  1. Good to see your back..Yes if we got what we always wantedwe will feel such excitement in ti..even whatever it was..Have A Good New Life Day!!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how a situation “frees” you to the realization of how Free you already are..Good stuff. Look forward to reading more.

  3. Great picture of the family!! I just reread Farenheit 451 last year when my younger son had to read it. Ray Bradbury is an amazing author. I really understood the plot and underlying message more more at 44 than I did at 13!

  4. Being free is an amazing experience, enjoy shaking the tree! Just beware of what gravity throws at you, still be an adventure non the less.

  5. Good for you, it’s always nice for one to make a decision and stand firm. whatever it may be… just keep being free LOL. am so happy for.Godbless you

  6. I hope you don’t mind me linking to this post from my midlife blog. I wanted to share much of what you had to say with my vast audience! ;-)Thanks for sharing.David aka Googbie

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