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Maybe it’s not a spiral
Maybe it’s a hill to hell

Maybe Mamma’s right for once

Let’s just sit for a spell

Flashback to a long lost land
Pouring lessons from this hand
Change it quickly, that’s bad form

Movies, music, art perform
Secrets, deceit, stupidity
Can’t hide behind transparencies
In lust again- makes you feel pretty

Not a substitute for love
Perpetuate the cycle of abused youth
Molesting and digesting innocent truth
Sick and twisted expose
“Come on, I’ll show you. It’s time to play”
Bureaucracy, conformity, hypocrisies
Nothing seen or heard is real
Hidden agendas kept concealed

It’s time to kill or else be killed

6 thoughts on “Previous Post

  1. I don’ know which made me think and then think some more, your words or the song lyrics. To me, both are very powerful.

  2. Poetry and music are very international. I don’t know if you wrote it but it’s very beautiful, of course i understand only 80% but it’s sufficent to me. Today I create my first template: and yesterday new works (some hacks for blogspot). Now I don’t work, just to 16 jule, I think../in this period – spring is not a good time for my chocolate-factory- I’d like to change my work in an office, no office: Home work, yes one computer-home work! I satisfy just only 1.000 $ in a month: there are sufficent for leave, for me… (I’m little crazy, no?) kisses form Italy

  3. What a morbidly sickening poem of twisted beauty, perfect for a Sunday morning on a picnic with the kids. I’ll e-mail you your interview tomorrow. Have a great weekend:)

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