Mountain Retreat

I was able to spend a few days in the lovely mountains of Utah this week. I stayed at a beautiful location somewhere in Echo Canyon. Everything was so peaceful and serene. I saw SO MUCH wildlife, it was amazing! The picture above was taken on my trip. I named the hill it was taken on Butterfly Hill because there were hundreds of butterflies hanging out there.

I can’t believe how close I was to so many beautiful animals. I started the week off on Monday with a drive up Emigration Canyon where I saw a porcupine!

Tuesday is the day I went up Echo Canyon. While on my way there, in Parleys Canyon, I saw a moose. I think over all, I saw 5 moose this week. (most in Echo) They are huge! I missed out on seeing a mama moose with her baby, but you can see a picture of them here. I saw a baby hawk peeking out of its nest, and I was able to sit and watch dozens of humming birds fly to and fro, diving and bullying each other. I saw deer, chipmunks, lizards, and a badger hole too.

The accommodations were divine!

Breakfast Area


No, I didn’t stay in the trailer pictured above. That rubble is just an addition to my Crumble Town pictures. I’ve found that there are Crumble buildings everywhere, even it the middle of nowhere. This Crumble building made me a little sad, such waste!I

stayed in the beautiful cabin home of Hermitus and Hermit. It was an experience to be remembered. They are wonderful hosts, and I appreciate the time I was able to spend there. It truly was a break from my daily cares, and an opportunity to get in touch with nature again.

The Hermits have just started a blog, Hermits Home. Visit them there to see more of what I was able to experience first hand. The pictures they take are amazing! They are in such an area that they have the opportunity to be much closer to wild animals and natures beauty than most people. Check it out, and get a glimpse of Mother Nature through the eyes of those closest to it.




10 thoughts on “Mountain Retreat

  1. Lovely blog, great fotos!You should come to Wales and photograph some of our rural ruins! If Utah has 250 years of decay, come see what 2,500 years of rubble looks like . . .We also have incredible wildlife and scenic mountains, and you’ll drive for miles without seeing anyone — all this, only a few hours from London!

  2. By the way the hermit blog link doesn’t work. Some great pics. Always nice to get back to nature. Lifts the spirits.

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