Safety First!!

Friend: “Put your car in my garage, Jake’s truck got broken into the other day. It’ll be safer in there.”

Car: “Vroooommm!!!! CRUNCH!!! Eeeeeeeee! Thuck.”

Me: “Shit!”…. Shit!… “


Yep, Safer!!!

I’m gonna start wearing a helmet when I drive.




14 thoughts on “Safety First!!

  1. Ditto on the comment above…I think of my car as one GIANT BUMPER, as opposed to just the itty-bitty slice of one in the front/back–the whole wretched thing is free game for bumps. Better the car and not you!!Glad to see those real pictures, too. I hate to see dramatizations, they’re sooo cheesy!! 😉

  2. I’m thankful I’m fine. The car… it is fixed. I think everyone will be wearing driving helmets in the future- not for safety, but for fashion. Filmmaker likes the art, but no movie deals yet and YESSS!!! I NEED A VACATION!

  3. Hah! Great photos. And if it makes you feel any better, my wife’s backed out of our garage and broken the driver’s side mirror off. Twice. No, three times! Oh, and backed out with one of the doors still open, so that got knocked outta whack.

  4. Hey there, WW! Glad you’re ok, cool pictures XD.Btw, you’re tagged! 😉 Check out my blog for this cool new music meme I hope you try :)Take care,W.

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