I think it’s finally time to talk about my life again. I make everything I do very personal. I try to connect with everyone I meet. I love people, I love diversity, I love learning, I love knowledge, I love history, I love nature, I love life. But sometimes, I forget all of that. Those are the hardest times. When I forget what I love, I forget who I am. I lack purpose, direction, and strength. When life takes an unexpected turn, I often naturally turn inward and focus on myself. I AM my worst critic.

There is delicate balance in all things, my well being included. On one hand, it is important to care for and nurture myself- being sure that my physical, mental, and spiritual needs are fulfilled. On the other hand, it is important to remember, care for, and expand my circle of truth, knowledge, and love in the world I have been so blessed to live in. If I loose that balance, I loose my footing. I’m no longer on solid ground.
(Yes, I’m a Libra)


Life has a funny way of knocking things

off kilter. Just when I feel a little balance, another weight is thrown on the other side of the scale. I understand. It’s okay. This is how we grow. Are we ever meant to feel real balance? Fairness, equality, and justice are all very important to me. But are they ever rightly achieved?

I’m slowly learning that it’s not the result of one effort that seals its worth. It’s the result of countless efforts that shows true value. Like climbing a spiral staircase- I may be going in circles, but at least I’m headed upward.

Most recently, I’ve experienced set backs in many big parts of my life. It’s hard for sure. I never like to go into specifics. I don’t trust the Internet with all of my secrets… Only some. 😉 Needless to say, blog wise I’ve been distant. It’s hard to articulate anything, when you don’t quite know how you feel or what to disclose.

I’m reminded of the saying posted on my grandma’s fridge, “I finally got it all together, and I forgot where I put it!”

I haven’t really lost it, but I’m finding it again- in bits and pieces. Thanks for sticking by me. (at least some things are sticking together) The rest of the bits will fall into place- maybe, someday, probably, I’m sure of it, kind of… we’ll just have to live and see.



24 thoughts on “Heartfelt

  1. Well, I really enjoyed reading your blog…I have LOVED Wonder Woman since I was a kid. She totally rocked. I wanted to be her and run off with He-Man…good times, good times. Anyway, I know what you mean ’bout putting it all out there. Being vague is the key. Its enough leakage to feel liberated, but you keep enough of the details to yourself to feel OK…but I know caca about it, I started blogging like yesterday!! I’ll shush now.

  2. Wonder Woman,This is obviously a heartfelt post! You’re a wonderful writer and you’ve got a good heart–a captivating combination!Wishing you success!Jeanne Dininniwww.WritersNotes.Net/

  3. WW,I’d say from this post it’s pretty clear that you are as balanced as can be. That will serve you well in ALL times…good and bad.

  4. I don’t trust the Internet with all of my secrets.. This is a very good thing. someone write too many particulrs of theri life; I think you can write all, less emotion comes fom rapports between 2 persons. Of course if the emotions comes form to more people, for ex. in a stadium, when your team makes a point well, it’s normal condivide these kink of emotions, but private sphère, is another thing… Byew from Itly BlogmasterPG

  5. What a beautifully expressed post. I too grapple with similar questions. I’m new to your blog, but am fast becoming a fan of it!

  6. I am extremely new to the whole blogging atmosphere, yet your blog simply made me think. With your reference to being a libra, I assume you are in tune with the astrological energies and that kind of thing…I have been feeling the same way, though I am hardly as elegant in expressing my feelings as you seem to be. Perhaps the energies are out of balance? It is an interesting avenue to explore!!

  7. Take care of yourself first. If you arent 100% than you cant do for others. This where the balance begins WW…Pulling for ya!

  8. I hope you can survive through what it is. I can’t always say the right thing, but you are probably much wiser than I am in keeping things a secret. But here is some hope: You get plenty of people that read and respond. They see what kind of a person you are, and have been. Sometimes we find answers in others travails and even in their own questioning of “what the hell am I doing?”sorry I haven’t been by as much, hopefully I’ll change that a bit – on reading others’ blogs….

  9. When I post more personal things, I try to make it so my posts can bring about conversation and get others thinking about life too, maybe help others who have the same problems and thoughts as I do. I get the impression from this post that you are an amazing writer who can do this way better than I ever could. I hope things go better for you. I know how it is to have secrets and go through dilemmas in life. It happens to all of us in time. I know how it can tear a person apart if it goes too far. In a way I am there right now myself. When I’m stressed, I tend to vent in someone close to me, most of the time a parent. I am also a Christian, so I read my Bible and that really encourages me. All I can say is, you are very wise in what you decide to post and not post. I have only read this post and am already a fan. Please keep writing. DOn’t let your circumstances get you down. Let them inspire you.

  10. Hey…Wonder Woman is supposed to be tough as nails! What’s going on?Just kidding…great post. We all, in some way, can relate.

  11. Our setbacks only serve to strengthen us.. but you know that. When hard times roll up I always remember “this too shall pass”.

  12. I love what you wrote about going in circles..at least your going upwards. Nice twist of perspective..makes me look at the circle I find myself going in at times and I think I prefer your staircase over my carousel..mine only goes around and around:)

  13. I hope everything is getting better! I don’t know how I made it through this week, it has been tough. Just knowing you, and knowing that you actually understand these things I speak of, makes me feel like I am not alone. Here’s to you becca:)

  14. I felt this post in my heart. Trust your wonderful emotions and love yourself, then you can’t go too far wrong.Rainbows and Blessings

  15. Thanks Carol, for one of the nicest compliments I’ve received! We’re all definitely connected in one way or another. I’ve felt our connection today.

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