Introducing Sun Ray Chica!

Sun Ray Chica is a good friend and great person. She’s the very first guest writer for Disjointed Intelligence! It’s is also Sun Ray Chica’s first time blogging. She once said that she would never blog. Ha ha!!! No one can resist the powers of Wonder Woman!

Actually it was her idea to blog, and she surprised me with the topic. I just told her to go for it, and I’d read it when she posted. (Now that’s trust!) I love you lovely lady! Thank you Sun Ray Chica, for adding such a wonderful piece to my blog. (Check out the comments too) After reading it, I have two words: WRITE ON!

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9 thoughts on “Introducing Sun Ray Chica!

  1. Hi DiSjoiNteD….I just wanted to say you have some interesting work here. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I’m curious how you found my blog. I will admit I am new to blogging and having fun doing it. If you do stop by again, please leave a note. I seem to be getting overwhelmed by the many resources and the people that I find interesting. I hope to stop by again when I have more time.Sincerely,Jade Money

  2. Thank you so much Wonder Woman for the wonderful introduction, and thank you to everyone else who left your comments. I think this is the beginning of a new addiction…LOL!!!

  3. Welcome Sunray..without sun us flowers are nothing and we love what wonder woman does!Consider yourself tagged, come and check us out as you’re in our top 8. Not bad for your first day in the blogosphere…Hi from Doo-bye n happy flower smelling…

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