Foundation for "Good News"

I often listen to news radio in my car to and from work. This is my attempt to stay abreast on current events particularly those of a political nature. I’ve long since given up on watching the news on the boob tube unless I need to quickly catch a weather update. I find TV news way too depressing (maybe it has something to do with the visual impact that makes it more real) and I guess the analysts have made me paranoid about “watching too much TV”. In either case, I would hope that I could find better things to occupy my time than to watch someone tell me about all the horrific things that happened around the world in the past 24 hours.

Anyway, I was listening to news radio on my way home from work the other day and one of the “news worthy” stories struck a nerve. A nerve I didn’t really pay attention to most of the time until now. The story was about a celebrity who has received more publicity and recognition than the president, war on terrorism, or any other life altering event. And the only affect this pathetic insignificant woman has had on our society is to disgrace her parents and herself while teaching our children to idolize the lifestyle of a spoiled, lazy, self-righteous, rich kid who couldn’t and wouldn’t contribute an ounce of her time let alone her money to “the greater good”. How did this person become “news worthy”? And, why do we allow it by forking over our hard earned dollars to people so undeserving? Why not contribute to a worth while cause that will make lives better and brighter?

At that moment, one sentence sent me crashing to earth from my lofty perch: Bad News Sells! We are all attracted to it like vultures and in the words of daffy duck himself, “It’s Dispicable!” So, I say a foundation is in order! A foundation that would promote news of the good and bring recognition to the common people that make our world a better place to live in. Awards, money (gross amounts of money preferrably) be given to teachers, nurses, civil servants, trash men, bus drivers, and all hard working decent americans that do their part day in and day out to make sure this country survives. To say thank you and show our children that hard works does pay, it’s the right way and sluffing your way through life is just plain bad character and should not be glorified. So, this is my thank you! THANK YOU!


13 thoughts on “Foundation for "Good News"

  1. Well put. I read something similar in our local newspaper recently that was ripping into the paper for publishing just bad news about everything local and not covering any good stuff, such as some of the great things kids were doing for the community. People will always be attracted to “bad news” (perhaps it makes people feel better about themselves?). But as you put it, it’s time we started promoting good deeds and good people. I’m sure there’s tons of blogs/sites out there for that sort of thing, but it’d be an interesting news site wouldn’t it?

  2. Once upon a time, in the dark ages before the WorldWideWobble, I published a little magazine called ‘Good News’ in Miami, FL. I was hammered by a religious (as opposed to spiritual) organization because I had used the name of one of their hundreds of publications. It might have worked better if I’d used Bad News for a name, Andrew!

  3. This is one of the things in life that bother me the most. Just as an example, look at Paris Hilton. I feel guilty even writing her name in fear I may be in some small way contributing to her extremely undeserved fame. Her punishment should be that all of her money be taken from her and given to charity because thats what you do to drug dealers, etc. Take their drugs and lock them up. Money is the only reason she has any influence. Being such a horrible influence on young people should be enough of a reason to strip her of that which perpetuates her ability to be an influence.

  4. Amen! Well written post.I say though that those responsible for putting this woman away are all playing with fire. What if some serious harm came to Paris while incarcerated.It would be hell to pay especially given that a few lawyers have already said that the punishment in no way fits the crime.

  5. People seem more interested in gossip and dirt; otherwise why the success of The National Enquirer?And look at TV; one of the most popular shows is Survivor, which is basically a show about a contest to see who can be the most obnoxious, unethical, egotistical person in a group of their peers.

  6. I don’t watch TV. (unless it’s on when I walk into a room) I’ve found more and more people who don’t like the media for the same reasons I don’t.I’m all for promoting the good everywhere. I think there are a lot more of us out there than we think.

  7. Here, here! Fresh perspective on the whole Parisopoly of the media. I couldn’t agree more. I really like CNN’s everyday heroes segment that ususally airs at the end of Nancy Grace. Always delivers a good news shot in the arm. -Cat

  8. Sad to say, but in South Africa, bad news is a very commen thing. Never mind the crime, you can barely survive picking up the newspaper and reading what’s been going on around you. Guess, that’s one reason a lot of us stopped reading alltogether: we’d rather try and still see the good around us, than having our minds infected by the every day events that touches raw nerves and hearts already broken.Someone I was in a relationship with for longer than a year, was shot and killed in a high-jack: hard to deal with reality when it stares you in the face. And yet our youth tries desperately to shake the chains of that which we have no control over: our own freedom in the world outside of our four walls.Yesterday I spoke to a woman that’s visiting here from Texas and yes, her words: that’s South Africa for you!We have one of the most beautiful countries and no peace of mind to go and see it – without looking over your shoulder.Way off the topic, but hey…I agree with you.

  9. Great Post! There are a few internet sites that limit themselves to good news. I’ve written about one of them in my blog post, “Ready for Some Good News for a Change? Try HappyNews.Com,” which can be found at my “Writer’s Notes” blog at http://www.WritersNotes.Net/.Another great site for good news is “Gimundo,” which can be found at‘m sure there are others, but those are the two I’ve found so far.Happy reading!Jeanne Dininniwww.WritersNotes.Net/

  10. I find myself listening to news radio too. We have a number of great stations in Dallas. The FM stations have too many ads

  11. TRUTH HITS YOU SQUARE BETWEEN THE EYES when you hear or see it! You speak the truth. What’s so sad is that this is what all the children being born and growing up today see as being normal and interesting. We need to give them the reality of good, integrity, character, honor, respect (I sound like a boy scout) but kids look at rage, guns, death and violence as common and real. Let life be happy positive and honor the hardworking, honest common persons in our communities!! THATS why I am “HERMITUS”!!

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