Pondering: More questions than answers.

Are you ready for disjointed? These are my thoughts all jumbled together, I tried to make sense of them, but I’m sure there are too many questions without answers:

I believe that there are no coincidences. Could this be true? If there are no coincidences, then is there some master plan? How could there be a set plan when people have their agency? If there’s no set plan, then how could there be no coincidences? Fate seems different than destiny. I find myself believing in destiny, but not fate. Fate seems so final. What is dejavu? I know what it is by definition, but what does it mean? I’ve always considered it a sign that I’m on the right path. Have you ever met someone and known them instantly? It’s like you met them before… but you didn’t. Did you meet them in the life before this one? Are they part of dejavu? destiny? coincidence? fate?

Truth is universal, which is what makes it so hard to find and easy to see at the same time. Most times, I consider it a scientific and spiritual quest to find a solid truth that cannot be tarnished under any scrutiny. Learning for me is centered around truth. Without truth, knowledge is not real.

In matters of formal education, I’ve been blessed with insight and the ability to learn quickly. The feeling of discovering truth is present always when I’m learning new things. When speaking of spiritual or philosophical matters, I most often hover around truth before I find it. I explore and observe, and on rare occasions- I’m enlightened. I keep here a log of my journey’s to discover truths. This is where my thoughts unfold, and many times this is where I’m enlightened. I discover truth.


16 thoughts on “Pondering: More questions than answers.

  1. Yes, enlightenment is not a level or destination; it is in the act of discovering only to continue discovering completely devoid of all ego:)

  2. Maybe there’s coincidence and there’s master plan. Maybe they both co-exist – quite peacefully – beside each other – within the same space – and we are the ones trying to figure it out – when it just is.Maybe coincidence and master plan are/become whatever we believe they are – they are that flexible, that all-encompassing. Maybe they exist if we think they exist. Maybe they don’t if we don’t.I’ve had dejavu so many times. Past life? Or Premonition? I do know that for some of my dejavu’s, all the variables couldn’t have happened before – for e.g., that can of Coke couldn’t have been part of my past life. So maybe it’s a premonition. Either way, we are more powerful than we think we are. Naturally (more) psychic than we give ourselves credit for.I’ve met people that ‘feel’ SO familiar – there’s this friend I’ve only known for about a month – and there are moments when I look at him and he feels extremely familiar – I can’t explain it, but anyone that’s been there will know what I mean. And this feeling of deep familiarity only happens for a very very brief moment at a time – and then it’s gone – like it never occurred – and you imagined it.Maybe dejavu does exist. Maybe it doesn’t. But it’s something else. But it is what it is. Happens too often to too many people for it not be something amazing and true and valid.Ok, I’m gonna stop now before I write a book!Thanks for the prompted thoughts.Black.Pixie

  3. Great post. I don’t have any answers to your questions, though I find it interesting you mention deja vu today. A news report on Friday stated that deja vu is a all about synapses misfiring. Probably not the sort of answer you’re looking for, but interesting nonetheless. You can read more about it here: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory?id=3256639

  4. I think Al Roker is behind it all… It it easier to have someone to blame for fate, and he just seems the type I want to blame.

  5. Hi!I noticed where you stopped by my area and I wanted to say thank you. I read some of your works and you truly are a think tank. *smiles* Your current post….I see it as thought provoking in a sense. I have my own answer so I am not filled with such questions as I used to be. However I do wish you well in your exploration of thought provoking questions and your search for answers my friend.callie”What I believe in my heart, must make sense to my mind.”Ravi Zacharias

  6. I have often wished I had met someone that I could say I knew instantly. In my experiences, people have not taken quite that much time with me. But I have with them.The master plan. It goes the category of writing the Great American Novel. It exists; even in our frailest attempts, it does. But very few get to the pinnacle of writing it.And then where to next? Good posts on this and the music lines. Music does it for so many of us.

  7. Hi wonder woman,Just a little true story for you. When I was only 4 years old, my parents took me to Edinburgh. Whilst there I instinctly knew my way around, from finding Pizza Hut, A kilt shop, Whisky Shop (for my dad) and the location of a public convieniance. I also, according to my parents, rattled off some historic facts about edinburgh and various landmarks to thier astonishment. I had never been to Edinburgh before and being only 4 years old had never been to school let alone been educated about these things. De Ja Vu??? Dunno.

  8. I don’t believe in coincidence either. And deja vu? Odd, but I haven’t had the feeling in years. I can remember instances in my life when it has been strong, though.

  9. wow. now my head is spinning. hmm… I do believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, even if I don’t know what that reason maybe for years to come.This is an excellent post and even the comments are thought provoking.

  10. ha ha here I am again at another one of your posts…asking myself WTF how do I keep finding posts in regards to exactly where I am at in this very moment.Life is funny..sometimes there are circumstances, situations whatever that occur that have no rational expalnation and can only be defined by what we term coincidence. I learned to stop asking what it’s all about because then a million other questions come. But deep inside I think every coincidence is just the universe nudging us along..letting us know that SOMETHING is out there with a better plan then we can concieve….At the present moment though I’m looking for the meaning behind the ticket I got today…only thing I saw was acute cop in sunglasses.. :)is thee more behind it only time wil tell 🙂

  11. I’m always pleasantly surprised to find that people actually browse through my blog long enough to find some of the older post. Posts that are good, just no longer easily accessible.I love what you said, especially this: “But deep inside I think every coincidence is just the universe nudging us along..letting us know that SOMETHING is out there with a better plan then we can concieve.”They are words I’ve searched for before but couldn’t find. Thank you , thank you! You’re thoughts are invaluable to me.

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