Hi! I'm Wonder Woman!

I don’t know that I’ve ever posted pictures of myself on this site. I’m not quite anonymous, but my pictures are a wee bit difficult to find. I recently had the opportunity to play around on my sister’s new Mac with Photo Booth. Here are some self portraits. I figured it’s about time.

Yep, that’s me! Who are you?


37 thoughts on “Hi! I'm Wonder Woman!

  1. Hey, the top image of you looks SO like the ex-lead singer of the Divinyls, Chrissie Amphlett (Australian rock band, now defunct I think!). Cheers! :o]

  2. Very nice photos! I wish I could own a Mac. I picked up a computer out of garbage that’s better than the ones I own!

  3. Ok, so we’re on the phone now, but I’m still dropping by to say hello. Where’s the one of you in the Wonder Woman outfit you promised??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 🙂

  4. I ❤ macs, got a mini and getting a mac book pro later this year.Who am I? Well i’m semi anon I guess, like I mentioned in a comment of mine, http://www.mybitswontbyte.com/2007/05/no-one.htmlI don’t really mind other people knowing who I am, but if there people who I mention in my blog found out, I would feel slightly vulnerable because they would know more about me than I did about them.

  5. We’ve been talking about getting a Mac book, but when I see stuff like this, I’m not sure I can handle all the possibilities! I think I’d probably forget to shower and feed the family because I’d be so busy playing with the thing. Hmmmmmm…

  6. SaludosDisculpas por comentar en español en un Blog escrito en ingles. Si quieres borrar mi mensaje, puedes hacerlo, no hay problema. Me han gustado mucho tus fotografías y el juego de imágenes que has hecho con el Mac. Te seguiré visitando.Regards*

  7. Billy & Fantomas: Thanks guys! (I used a free translator to read the comment in Spanish. Woo hoo!!)

  8. Sorry, wanted to leave a msg earlier. Wrote something for you – 🙂 Won’t say anything else, keep you in suspence for a day and send it through after 24 hours, when I got on-line again.Keep well and nice pics, enjoy the site!

  9. I think I like the pucker too. For me my favorite is a tie between the 1st and last picture. Thanks fanTC. I look forward to the end of my suspense. I’ll be keeping an eye out!

  10. FanTC- Thank you for your thoughtful words. Just 2 days ago, I took some time to explore your blog. You are wonderfully talented. Thank you for all that you share.

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