Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

I’ve recently been blessed with the opportunity to take a break from the daily grind, to pause and just live without worries of work or relations. I took a break from everything that is usual in my life and lived for a week in a place and a life that I’ve never known. Lately, I’ve been questioning my life and where I was headed. I’ve done some re-evaluating and soul searching. I’m happy to report that I have progressed and learned a lot over the past 4 or so years. This break gave me time to remember the important things in my life.

Writing this blog has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. The time I spend here is time well spent. It is time for me to reflect, figure and analyze all I want. I’ve worked out many mysteries within my mind while writing, righting and re-writing. It has enabled me to piece together my disjointed thoughts and take the time that I really need to puzzle together my truths.

If I’m guilty of anything, it’s of over analyzing. By nature, I think about things that others would prefer to ignore. It’s important for me to come to an understanding (to know the hows and whys) of everything and everyone that crosses my path. I don’t know if the need to understand built my empathy or if my empathy built my need to understand. My tendency to over analyze can bring me down to the depths of depression, or it can elevate me to new levels of understanding. It seems to be one extreme or the other, never an in-between.

The whole purpose of this entry is to bring together my thoughts, questions, doubts and answers from the past few weeks. I’ve remembered that:

  • Progress never ends.
  • Life is always an adventure.
  • Bad things and hard times are common, our actions and reactions determine the results.
  • Good friends stay, come what may.
  • Change and growth are good, and usually come together.
  • Sometimes it’s good to stop thinking and just live.
  • Life is good.

I’m walking away from a big obstacle in my life. It has been stressful, tense, and uncomfortable, but the happiness and relief I feel tell me that I’m on the right path. And I just know, everything’s gonna be all right.


2 thoughts on “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

  1. I think all of us that care alot about the world, our direction, the people we try to love and those we try to change are typically over analyzers. We think, “could I have done more? Could I say something to change it? Is this the reason I do not accomplish things?”I’ve done that with a few too many situations.

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