The Music In Me!

Marjie tagged me for this meme a long time ago. I love music, and I’d love to share my favorite songs. The meme requires a list of seven songs that I’m currently addicted to, and according to the source, they must be songs that I presently enjoy. I’m a lover of MANY different kinds of music and my favorites change almost daily. Here’s a sampling, my favorites right now.

  1. The Fear You Won’t Fall– Joshua Radin
  2. Butterfly Mason Jennings
  3. Lounge– Modest Mouse
  4. Trouble– Voxtrot
  5. Humle Me– Nora Jones
  6. Bad Habit– Offspring
  7. Sari– Nelly McKay

There you go. Happy Sunday!!


4 thoughts on “The Music In Me!

  1. wow*Eclectic Mix there*;))i wanna here the new Modest Mouse album cuz it’s got Johnny Mars in the group now on guitar the former Smith’s guy – saw him in concert – amazing show*interesting seeing Norah Jones + Offspring side by side*;PPPP

  2. I was happy to see Sari- Nelly McKay in your listing. I first became aware of Nelly McKay by listening to music review on NPR, I then went to iTunes and bought it. It’s a constant in my playlists.

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