I'm a Freakish Loon (7 weird things about me)

  1. I’m allergic to raw (uncooked) fruits and veggies. When I tell people they sometimes say, “Oh you just don’t like them huh?” It’s called Oral Allergy Syndrome. Look it up.
  2. I paint pennies. They’re pretty. Whenever I show them to someone the first reaction is, “Why do you paint pennies?” or “What are you going to do with them?”
  3. I’m not afraid to talk to strangers.
  4. I’m a very artistic person, but I’ve never taken an art class.
  5. I like to make up words. Some words from my imagination are: sniggle, doofer and prothou.
  6. I often feel what other people feel. I feel with them and for them- whether it be a mental or physical feeling.
  7. My favorite scents are: books, chalk dust, and mechanical shops.

This is a meme, I was tagged by Reema. I tag everyone who reads this- I don’t care if there’s supposed to be a limit. If you write it, they will come. (I’ll link to you in this post)


15 thoughts on “I'm a Freakish Loon (7 weird things about me)

  1. Painting pennies sounds like an interesting artistic pursuit, and no stranger that people who paint saws, driftwood, or rocks.

  2. Very cool. The feeling what other people feel? It’s called being sensitive, empathic, and soooo relate to that. (a curse and can be proved to be a blessing). Very cool list.

  3. I’d be asking about the pennies too. Love your words, might use them myself.Hope you don’t mind but I’ve tagged you for the It’s a Wonderful Life meme. Don’t do it if you don’t want to. There are details on my blog.I take it, this means I’m tagged for the 7 weird things?

  4. bobg-thanks!designing fairy- love your stuff! We’re alike in a few ways.Yes, tigergirl you are tagged! I’ll write about my WONDERful life soon.

  5. We are kindred you and I.1. I have a mild form of that too, I miss apples SOOOOO much!!!2. I paint small rock (rocks have minerals in them and pennies are made of copper..a mineral. Coincidence…you be the judge.)3. I am even less afraid to talk to strangers, like this…. :P4. You are obviously an empath, me too baby! ;)5. This is where we differ, I am allergic to the first two and HATE the last one. I like the smell of brewing tea, wild roses, hyacinths (to which I am also allergic) and baking bread.Bonus freakish loon points: I’m a psychic medium who talks to ancient dead folks. Freaky huh?Nice meetin ya! Great blog!

  6. You make weird perplexedly bizarre!Actually, if I told you how weird I actually am – they might put me back in that room.

  7. Painting pennies, that’s interesting for sure! But as for fruits, I love fruits and veg, couldn’t live without them. As a matter of fact, I think fruits and veg are basically all that I eat :)Thanks for sharing, peace and love.

  8. It’s hard to take a class on something you enjoy like art. I just do my own thing..I like knowing that I’m not an expert..I do what feels good.That’s cool about making up words…how’s Shaboggle for ya? It’s like..a mesh of things in your daily schedule.Cool post!

  9. I love the word “Doofer.”I recently incorporated “poovis” into mine. Its derragatory. Use it at will.

  10. Trade those painted pennies for some more pennies:) no comments on your OAS. But your words are very cool. Even I love the scent of Books and Chalk, the next is the scent of falling rain, when it touches the earth. I think this is most appealing of all scents. You’ve got a commendable ESP…”I’m not afraid to talk to strangers” I know you’re not a kid;). What kind of art do you mostly do? What are the objects/ideas that you paint? Sometimes I paint on plates…small plates…some abstract stuff and try to give a meaning to it…

  11. Hey, I must be a freak too as I like to make up words, when I’m driving in my car, from the numberplates of cars in front of me! Keeps my mind active, and me alert. :o]

  12. Janina,I think we’re all freaks in one way or another. I’m never going to look at the #’s on a license plate the same way again!Fretfire, ummmm…. 1- I’ll keep my pennies, and add mor thank you!2- Rain is great! I love the smell of a warm summer rain when it hits the hot pavement. It’s the best.3- I know lots of adults who are afraid to talk to strangers.4- I do whatever strikes me as fun as far as art goes, I have a bit of everything collected up here and I create away.5- I’d love to see some of your art!-Wonder Woman

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