If you talk when nobody's listening is your voice still heard?

Sometimes at night I get lonely, and I want to talk. I’ll talk to almost anyone out there who’ll listen. Why do you think this is? I’m really not desperate, I just get playful and happy at night. Most of the time, it’s really late at night. Why does the whole rest of the world have to be asleep? Or maybe they just think I’m weird and try to avoid me. Either way, there are many nights where valid conversations are trapped in my head almost bursting out through my ears. That’s why I’m typing this right now.Β 

I think that’s why I sometimes talk to myself too. I used to think that people talking to themselves was VERY WEIRD. Then one day I was driving home from work. I was alone in my car and I looked over to see another driver talking to himself. I quietly chuckled and said, “Haha he’s talking to himself!” It was at that moment that I realized- I talk to myself too. I laughed so hard! Then I said, “I’M talking to myself!” and I laughed some more.

In recent years, I’ve found the value of fighting with myself out loud. Sometimes it’s just for fun… just to occupy my time when no one else wants to listen to me. Other times it’s to work out a problem or to keep my mind on track. Sometimes it’s to let out pent up aggression without hurting any one else. Any way you look at it, it’s a confirmed fact: I talk to myself, I fight with myself, and sometimes… I talk in my sleep.

The cool thing about talking in my sleep, is when I wake myself up. I’m still halfway in the dream and sometimes I keep talking. Other times I stop because I’m disturbing my sleep! The funniest thing about talking in my sleep is this: sometimes other people are in my room or my bed with me, and sometimes when I wake myself up talking, I find that the other person in the room is talking back, but they’re asleep too! We have conversations in our sleep!

My mom once walked in on my sister and I “sleep arguing” about who was oldest. I’m the oldest, so of course I would win, but what a silly thing to fight about! I don’t really recall if I won or not. Who knows anything can happen when you’re talking to yourself- or someone else in your sleep.


18 thoughts on “If you talk when nobody's listening is your voice still heard?

  1. Hey…I talk to myself too. :)It’s not weird, as sometime talking to myself bring the solution to my problems, and I found out it’s better to be able to voice out your own contradiction and be better prepared to face the world. “There is no greater index of character so sure as the voice.” – Benjamin Disraeli

  2. That’s what’s good about having a cat, if my neigbours hear me talking I can always say it’s to the cat.I also wake myself up by talking in my sleep, very weird.

  3. I talk to myself all of the time, it helps clear the cobwebs.Incidentally you’ve been tagged! Please check my recent post for the details. =)

  4. I have full-scale arguments with myself. My grandmother did it while she vacuum the local library. (Got to go in after hours..hehe.)Disraeli – he was pretty smart, you’d think?

  5. Don’t be so certain that the rest of the world is asleep… There is always someone who will listen; even if you choose to wake them from their daydream.

  6. That’s awesome; my brother and I used to have sleep conversations–I’d never heard of anyone else having them until now. πŸ™‚

  7. So you will talk to just anyone to keep from being bored huh. I though I was more than just anyone LOL. D

  8. Mr. Anonymous D, yes I’ll talk to any of the crazy friends that I have (don’t have normal ones)… not just ANYONE though.

  9. Lol about you and your sister’s fight.I talk to myself too, and shut my thoughts up like when I go to bed late at night and start thinking about The Exorcist, I go “nooo, nooo, shhh”. Haha, yes, we’re all nuts.Hey, fellow Wonder, I had to tag two people for a very interesting and fun set of questions and I chose you ^^ so if you want to, check out my blog and continue the chain =)W.

  10. So now I am not normal either? I will remember that next time you wake me up lol, call me in the morning.

  11. Hey Wonderwoman, thanks for the visit. I really liked this post. sounded a lot like what I do. Only I’m usually up later. I have severe insomnia, but even so, I just really enjoy nighttime. More often than not, I’ll pray, because I know He’s always awake, but sometimes, it would be nice to know there’s someone else available to chat with, huh? Blessings to you and yours.

  12. oh yeah, and something else. I talk in my sleep too, but until a few years ago, I had subconciously trained myself to wake up when I talked in my sleep, cause I didn’t want to give away any secrets. (Now I don’t have any.) My sister once woke our mom up talking in her sleep because she was lowering her voice (like a man’s) and answering herself in her sleep. My mom thought there was somebody in our room. We were still young, so you can bet she was scared. πŸ™‚

  13. Talking to your self helps you to know yourself. By the way you are an author I relate to. Plus you are very cool!!!

  14. Well, I was just having an ordinary chat with myself…and well, I’d had a bit to drink…and so had Other I…and things got out of hand.Now I’m suing myself for slander. Damn!I wish I’d kept both my mouths shut.ADG

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