Finding the Passion that Works

I’m at a point in my life where I need to get myself going in a direction other than I’m heading. I want to do what I like, and work in a field where I’m challenged and valued for my talents. I want to do something that I have a passion for. I know that things are very rarely easy, but it helps to see where other people have been. If at all possible I want to avoid mistakes that will make my life more difficult.

I’m re-reading a book right now: “What Should I do With my Life?” by Po Bronson. He tells stories of SO many people, their successes and failures, and what each one has been through to realize their passion. There are people who just know what they want to do and go after it. There are people who get to where they thought they wanted to be and are miserable. There are people who search the world wide and finally find happiness in their own back yard, and there are people who travel a long and twisted road to find their happiness. It’s a difficult book for me to read right now, because I want to be optimistic yet realistic in my expectations for myself and my goals.

In my life I’ve been afraid of what the world can offer. I’ve been afraid to make a decision for fear of being trapped in a situation that I don’t want to be in. Instead of getting out there and taking in what I can, I’ve hidden a little bit. Just the fact that I’ve realized this has made me want to change. I know now that I can do anything I choose. I don’t have to stick with something that is not satisfying my needs just because I once made an unfavorable decision.

I have a passion for writing, but I don’t know were it fits. I have to start somewhere though, and my blog has helped me to blossom. It’s given me confidence in areas where I had none before, and brought me wonderful friends and mentors.

I’ve found through the years that I can’t force anything to happen. Many times my agenda conflicts with the time, situations, and places I am in. I’ve had to learn to roll with it, and not beat myself up when I don’t stick to one specific path. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, and it’s hard for me to keep going when things don’t turn out the way I’ve planned. I put enormous amounts of pressure on myself to stick to the plan because, “I’m not a quitter!” It has been detrimental at times. I’ve taken steps back when I could have been moving forward.

Things I thought I learned are taught to me time and time again. Steven R. Covey said, “To know and not to do, is really not to know.” So, I figure that to truly learn from my experiences, I have to take away with me something that I didn’t KNOW before. If I can do that, I can deal with the fact that it may take years to fully recognize my potential and dreams as they apply to me and my life. I want what most people want. I want to make educated choices. I want to avoid heartache when I can, and I want my hard work to pay off in the end.


9 thoughts on “Finding the Passion that Works

  1. Wow – if you don’t mind I’d like to link to this in a day or two when I post an article I wrote a few days ago…you put my entire point into words I couldn’t quite find.

  2. A very challenging subject especially to hang out there for the world to dissect. That kind of boldness, courage and honesty can go a long way out in the world. It’s encouraging to see your blog as a big forward step. I’s a great one to take on. Nice work.

  3. Sometimes, dear friend, one must take one step forward……breathe deep…and step off of that precipice…You’ll fly, like the WonderWoman you are, not fall.I have faith.

  4. Welcome to the ride of life. No one every knows where it will take them for the entire ride. And changes always happen.

  5. I believe I starting this kind of thinking about the direction my life was headed in career-wise about 10 years ago. Unbelievable. And I just did something about it. I tried two times before to change and kept getting dragged back because people valued my talent. But I’m free now and really amazed each day that there’s wide open possibility in front of me in a much different way than I have ever thought. Good luck to you finding your way…

  6. I guess another slant from personal history:After college and graduation, I took the first position that came available and it was below what I should have been doing with my degree. I deplored it. Quit 6 weeks in, after purchasing a car, well 5 yr-$400+ plan. After a few months, I found job #2. Took a lower salary, but was the right position skills wise. But money was always an issue.Years later, I would say that taking a lower salary started me on a path to chasing the money.The idea of values…People have to be truthful with themselves. And be willing to sacrifice some part of getting their ideal gig.If you are a writer, I suspect consistent cash for creativity is not going to exist. (Unless you get royalties…)If you value your own work environment, free time, flexibility, then bingo you found your niche.Passion. I think it is a conglomeration of many skills, thoughts, senses and learning.It is hard to find people that understand YOUR passion – and put it in the context you have for it.I would say many more fail chasing their PASSION because rarely will others see you as not being obsessive over it. Our general society rewards quickly conformists, but the REWARD is minimal. PASSIONATE people have a longer road to success, more pitfalls, more negativity, more naysayers, but IF they succeed, the RESULTS and FORTUNES of their thoughts outweigh tremendously.

  7. “I have to take away with me something that I didn’t KNOW before.”Wonder Woman, how do you not know that taking everything that you do know thus far, and seizing the moment isn’t the best choice already? Surely a way to avoid heartache, when one whole-heartedly gives to the world. Just a thought.:)

  8. Hey!What honesty! We have ALL been there. You’ll find your way, I’m sure of it! Sometimes just admitting how you feel and releasing it outside of yourself is what it takes to “jump start” your transformation. Best wishes!

  9. you’re very brave.been thinking about my life too – my recent birthday prompted that. What’s working – what isn’t working – what am I doing? – what am I not doing? This is where I wanna be, or so I thought. I’m having a hard time accepting that the landscape might have changed a, yeah, thanks for the honesty of your post. It’s encouraging me towards the light of my own truth.a mango in your palm…ebele

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