Moonlight Dance

A kiss a sigh, a moonlight dance
One small glimpse, a second chance
A still cool lake, a gentle breeze
Our voices echo through the trees
The starlight sparkles in your eyes
At every turn a new surprise
Talk’s not cheap on nights like this
Pondering deeply induces bliss
Meandering takes us here and there
Kindred hearts and endless care

11 thoughts on “Moonlight Dance

  1. Such beautiful imagery and meaning here. A dance while under the moonlight would be far more romantic than that of a candle. The light from a candle eventually perishes, but the moon retains and passes your story on.

  2. For me, this sentence says it all:“At every turn a new surprise”.I didn’t use to believe this, then it happened to me and now I just wait for every new surprise.W.

  3. At every turn a new surpriseAnd a new turn at every surprisethat’s what’s happening with me lately 🙂

  4. You have a great talent. Keep up and develop it! What about “giving life”? I mean to a book of your poetry pieces? Or, for instance, a new blog where all your poems would be combined? Think over it, Dear.

  5. Thanks everyone for your support! The truth is, I was very aprehensive about posting this. It’s nice to know that people out there like it.

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