What are your dreams?

Painting, Josephine Wall: Ocean of Dreams

Sometimes while I’m concentrating very hard on one thing or zoning out I begin to remember glimpses of dreams that I’ve had at night in the past. It doesn’t have to be a dream from the night before, but those glimpses come and it’s pretty weird! The thing I hate about the glimpse is that if I try to concentrate on it and bring in more details, it disappears completely. Many times, it’s the same thing when I wake up straight from a dream. There are other times though, that I can slowly wake up, continue my dream like state while getting ready, and consciously remember a dream.

My mom keeps a dream journal, and she’s successful with remembering dreams by doing that. I value my sleep SO MUCH that writing in the middle of the night when I could be going back to sleep does not appeal to me.
There are however, dreams that I remember vividly. Those are the dreams that I believe I am meant to remember. Sometimes I can directly link what happens in my dreams to what’s been going on in my life. Other times the dreams are more obscure.

I definitely believe that dreams hold deeper meaning than that which appears on the surface. I even believe that if you listen to the messages they portray they can direct your life and affect it for the better. I don’t like dream interpretation books. Dreams should be interpreted as they apply to your life, not as they apply to a book.

This poem was inspired by my thoughts on dreams:

Whilst sleeping in my dreams last night
I dreamt of things in a whole new light

A quandary of vicissitude

Significance it did elude

Cast shadows on reality
And with the dark comes clarity.

So, my questions are:

  • What are these glimpses that we see? are they meaningful or random?
  • Can dreams predict the future?
  • Can a person accurately interpret their own dreams?
  • Are the dreams we remember vividly more important than the dreams that leave us at waking?

All questions to ponder. Perhaps the answers will come in my dreams.


9 thoughts on “What are your dreams?

  1. Hey there. I agree with you and I kind of have the same questions as you as far as dreams and their connection with our real life is concerned. I come from a land where it is not rare to run into people who are full of superstitious notions, such as, dreams are mirrors of one’s past life, etc., etc. I used to have recurring nightmares about snakes. Used to wake up in the morning feeling as tired as a walrus. I am still not sure if I should stick to the scientific logic – “dreams are projections of your subconscious brain at work” or the fancy past life notion which is definitely more exciting and adventurous. He he.

  2. Very deep post, miss wonder woman, I often look for meanings to my dreams, too. Although I rarely remember them, some mornings/nights, I wake and do sense that something is odd or different with me. One of my xgirlfriends a coule of years back had this book interpreting dreams and describing colors and actions- it was all a little too weird for me. I think each person has their own interpretations and that dreams are based on mind/emotion states and typically what’s presently going on in their lives. But, honestly, it all makes me wonder. Great post, WW!

  3. They are meaningful. I get a check every month from the Veterans Administration because I drem every night about killing people 😉 Seriously. Love Ya, Wonder Woman!

  4. Wow! What a variety of responses. I’ll leave my thoughts with those of wonder.Billiam, I hope that you find relief from you dreams of killing. It would be a very hard thing to deal with. I wish you and all who read, sweet dreams.-Wonder Woman

  5. Hmmm. Wonder Woman.So pleasing to see someone inquire so about their dreams, as I’m sure you’re already aware through reading my work that I’m plagued by my own at times. Deciphering their meaning at times is quite taskful, however, brings closure to one’s soul once analyzed properly.I’m in belief that the glimpses that we see are premonitions of what our heart truly desires, and that they are especially meaningful and unique to the individual who possesses them. Occasionally I too, get that ‘De Ja Vu’ feeling where I’m experiencing something that I’ve only visited in my dreams (or nightmares for that matter). More often than not though, some of these nightmares prevent me from entering say, a compromising situation, a form of ‘self-protection’ so to speak.As far as accurately interpreting one’s own dreams, I think that through years of experience and getting to know your true self, you can accurately interpret your dreams and subsequently improve upon your specific areas of weakness and / or pursue your innermost ambitions.I’d like to think that the dreams that we remember vividly are occurrences that we’d like to remember, or have proved some sort of lesson in life in future tense (imagine this); something to fall back upon perhaps when times get rough. A sort of ‘good nostalgia’. The dreams that leave us at waking are chameleons of the night that lay dormant in the back of our minds for when we’re ready to take on the task of conquering them.Please have an enchanted evening.

  6. To answer your questions: I believe that dreams are all of these things and much more. I am glad I found your blog!

  7. I really enjoyed your poem. I agree with you that dreams are to be used as a road map to assist and advise depending on what’s going on in your life at the moment. In fact, my dreams have literally guided me to make my “dreams” come true.

  8. hmmm…interesting. I dream a lot – some I recall, some I don’t. The ones I don’t recall sometimes come back to me – those are the ones that come true in real life – and they are usually the not-so-good ones unfortunately. Sometimes I wake up with songs in my head, songs I’ve never heard, songs I know don’t exist. I am not a musician. Or a singer.I started keeping a dream journal, then stopped ‘cos to be honest I’m crap at sticking to stuff like that.And I agree: dreams definitely hold deeper meaning – mine tend to be quite cryptic or too literal, so I can’t interpret a lot of them.And, yes, most dream books are depressing – I had one that interpreted doom & gloom on almost every single page. If I dreamt abot suger, it was bad. If I dreamt about salt, it was bad.So in answer to some of your questions, I believe: – that dreams are glimpses of ourselves, others & the world we live in (and sometimes the world we don’t). – that they are meaningful AND random – that dreams can and have predicted the future – i guess there are ppl out there that can interpret their dreams down to the letter – that vividly-remembered dreams aren’t necessarily more important than the ones we don’tI’m really enjoying your blog!

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