Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the men of the rodeo. I wouldn’t mind dating one of those bull riding tough guys. (as long as he doesn’t chew tobacco) I understand that the clowns are the hero’s and they’re tough too, but there’s just something about a cowboy hat, chap n’ spur wearing, big chested bull rider that really turns me on.
When I was younger, my parents had to force me to go to the rodeo. It was just another family outing that their adolescent daughter scoffed at and went to grudgingly. I went to a rodeo this past year on my own accord and I absolutely loved it! Every one of those people in the rodeo have to be tough as nails.
I’ve ridden horses, and I’ve been bucked off a few. I even had one step on my foot, but that’s nothing compared to what these rodeo pros go through. They have my deepest respect- especially the clowns! They are truly the heroes of the rodeo.

If any of ya’ll know a real cowboy that looks this good even with out a hat… send him my way. I think I’m ready to be a cowboy’s cowgirl. Mmmm, MM!


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