“Daydreaming will yield more entertainment for you than a Hollywood blockbuster — so feel free to wander off into dreamland and focus on what your life would be like if all your hopes and dreams came true. This exercise in ‘what could be’ is more than just a fanciful escape from the daily grind — visualization is one way to bring something into being, and imagining alternative futures can help you choose the goals you want to pursue next.”

I love to daydream, but I rarely take the time. Today is a day to daydream. Everyday is a day to daydream. The key for me though, is to remember what will lead to making those daydreams- the keepers- come true.

I once dated a man who daydreamed to no end. The problem was- he daydreamed our days away, and never once did anything real to persue his dreams. He was very fun, and always lived in the minute. The minute however, was not enough for me. I needed a future, plans, a dream that I was working toward.

“Dreams are the most powerful motivators of all.”
-Nick Thornely

The more vivid the dream the more vivid the outcome.

I highly recommend reading the story, “Bunker Bean,” if you can find it. It’s about a man who transforms himself because he believes he is the reincarnated Napoleon Bonaparte. He goes from a from a clerk to a successful business man in no time. He later discovers that he is not the reincarnated Napoleon, but he can’t return to being the file clerk that he once was. The habbits and qualities that he had thought were Napoleons became his own.

The reason that I write this is to remind myself of what I need to acheive, and what I can acheive. I need to remind myself that I am going somewhere. (even if it is at a snails pace) It’s easy for me to loose sight of my goals when I feel like they aren’t going anywhere. I guess it’s the endless struggle, but once a goal is acheived, it’s worth the effort!


13 thoughts on “Daydreamy

  1. I stumbled onto a pretty cool Wonder Woman avatar if you’re interested in another one. Let me know.Love your blog, by the way. Always enjoy stopping by.By the way … snail’s pace or not, as long as you’re moving forward it’s all good.

  2. I dun knw abt Bunker Bean, but when I was a kid I thought was an incarnate of Alexander the Great!!True, day dreaming is a wonderful pastime. It’s the thing that keeps us blazing in our race with destiny. Without dreams, all our hopes are lost, no? Wonder, do you really know where you’re going? I just know where I’ve been, I really dun know where I’m going. So, I hold on to my dreams, to find a way through all the storms and tempests. Born to rule!!!

  3. Nowdays most of the time when I’m day dreaming only when in a very boring meeting with my boss… helps kill the time :)Nice article by the way, thanks!

  4. I decided to move forward not so much at snail’s speed but the hare. With the support of family and friends, the daydreams are becoming more of a reality for me. I’m changing careers and taking a major pay cut at that! But it’s all good. If you pursue your interests, the doors will open for you.

  5. Greetings from ChileFirst time here.I liked it as you write. To dream is an important way in the life. If you don’t have dreams, you will not have a future.That is my point of view*

  6. it’s funny that you mention something about “holywood blockbusters” because most of my daydreams involve exactly that…..only I’m a celebrity working with great actors like Rober DeNiro and Merryl Streep, and also dating Elijah Wood. I’m sorry…I’ve gone off in my own dreamworld….but I guess you get the picture!great post!

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