In a town where you’re invisible, where no one has a name
Not a single soul can tell if he is the same
Not one is insecure
This is the final cure
In a town where man is silent there is no shame



5 thoughts on “Nowhere

  1. Yeah i hope people don’t remain Silent but start to Speak Up about some of the many Important Issues facing us today*Silence is not an option*;))Peace*

  2. Lighter one for the road….Superman was feeling horney one day and was searchin for a source to take it out… when he spotted wonder woman on the ground all spreadeagled with not a cloth on…He sped to his friend green lantern and checked his chances..who said…dude.. if you haven’t done wondah woman…you haven’t done anybody dude…So he decided to take his chances and sped in …did his thing and sped of in a second….Unfortunately, WW, who had just finished with invisible man was askin him how it was…. who said it was good, very good except that he couldn’t explain the terrble pain in his backside….Way to go WW…always one on top…

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