Random Dialogue

“Well, SHIT Viola! What’d you do that for?” 

“I dunno, I guess I was bored.”

“You was bored, so you glued the cuberds and drawers shut? Now how’s we s’posed to use em? How’s we s’posed to eat?”

“I never thought it through that far, I just knowed that if I hit my head on that there cuberd one more time I was gonna die!”

“So, hitting your head made you bored?”

“No, thems cuberds are made of board. We can eat finger food an’ bar-b-q.”

“Not if I has anythin’ to do with it. I’m a fixin to cut holes in them there cuberds. I ain’t thought of a solution for them drawers yet.”

“You ain’t cuttin holes in my cuberd! People will jest be able to see right in!”

“I’ll put in doggy doors then. Duz that suit ya?”

“Much better, but if’n ya do, make sure they swing both ways. You know how them rats get stuck in there sometimes.”

“You know Viola, you’s one smart lady. You jest solved our rat problem. Now they can skat if they feel like it. I think that board knocked sum sense into ya’ll!”


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