The Internet Gave Me A.D.D.

No, really I think it did! I’m constantly looking for new things, and with the internet, every little intrigue is at my finger tips. I have a hard time concentrating on one thing, because I’m constantly hopping from one topic (or website) to the next.
When I was little, I never ever would admit that I went to sleep. When I woke up someone would ask me how I slept and I would vehemently deny that I had even closed my eyes. I thought that if I slept, I would be missing out on something great, interesting, educational or fun. I compare my obsession with finding all things new, entertaining, and enlightening to those days where sleep to me meant that I missed out on something.
Now, I have access to everything so much faster and my mind just can’t get enough. I put off doing the mundane to find the unknown. Sometimes I don’t pay complete attention because I’m looking forward to something else. I jump from topic to topic with the frequency of a cheap ham radio. Therefore, my hypothesis is that the internet gave me ADD.
On Adult Attention Deficit Disorder: studies thus far reveal that the condition, marked by inattentiveness, difficulty getting work done, procrastination, or organization problems. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s an interesting idea- Don’t you think?
P.S. If you thought that I was through with blogging because you didn’t read to the end of my last post, you may have ADD too! (hopefully you get to the end of this much shorter post)

13 thoughts on “The Internet Gave Me A.D.D.

  1. The internet is so great and there are so many empty pages,that we are usually to jump from one page to other because we are tierad from emptiness.This is why,I think, blogs are good ‘friends bloggers give us interesting things they find and we give them the same.

  2. I started writing an interesting, funny, witty comment to this post, but then I looked at my watch, and then got up to get a glass of water, and then turned on the fan, and then minimized the window to turn on my winamp mp3 player, and when I finally got back to my comment, I said…what the hell is this? What was I writing?So I deleted what could have been an interesting, funny, witty comment and wrote this instead.What was the topic again?

  3. OH I’m right there with you. I have so many ideas in my head I can’t slow down and the Internet is no help! My husband now knows that if I’m upstairs, I’m on my blog or at least posting something on my blog. But then I’m also thinking of other things to do with my day. You’re not alone!

  4. Yea I guess so. Plain websites just lack that additional human touch that you see in blogs. Blogs are like talking and communicating with the actual person herself amongst others on the same platform. It is soo different with emails and such.

  5. Obsession can be channeled into something useful…I hope?My boyfriend works hard all day, and when he dozes off during movies, he is like you were: in denial!! Sometimes it’s endearing. Sometimes not.When I first started blogging I asked the world if it was normal to be obsessed with my blog and to lie about how many hours I surfed the net.Ah,well.

  6. My unholy addiction to information was a driving force behind my choice of career (librarian). These days all I need to do is read one random word (say, “snails”) in a document on anything but that topic and I’ll completely abandon my previous activity to go research the mating habits of snails, because, well, how DO they do it? (Every snail has both male and female sex organs. They actually inseminate each other, usually following a courtship period. They also can live for over 30 years! Interesting, eh?). Gotta love the internet. -The ToonBrewer-

  7. Wow, I’m diagnosed. I’m waiting for my first check from doing all this research, optimizing, writing, working and networking, so I can say, “See, I WASN’T just playing!” LOL..

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