Internet Oddities

I know they’re out there everywhere, but one day I decided to specifically look for unusual things on the web. You can click on the picture or the heading for more info at the websites I found them on. Here’s what I found:
For the designer bathroom.


Kilts for every occasion.
Self explanatory

Blender Phone

Just plain ol’ weird… they work!


It’s true you can sell anything if you market it right.


If you have other oddities to share, please link to them in the comments!!! I want to see!

9 thoughts on “Internet Oddities

  1. GasBGon, an idea and invention that is definitely overdue in today’s society! Sunday night Football get togethers might just just be tolerable again!UtiliKilts-Being of Scottish ancestory, I don’t have a problem with these. Besides, when it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s very ‘cooling’ when a breeze comes along!DynaDouche-Way more information than I really needed to know!

  2. I’m always amazed by the weird stuff to be found on the net. If you have Firefox, the StumbleUpon plugin is particularly fun. 🙂

  3. Someone just left a comment on my blog saying I gave them the idea to decoupage their toilet seat! That’s what I thought of when I saw these toilet seats!

  4. My ass is not pampered enough to use a designer toilet seat. I even dislike the soft, air filled toilet seats. In fact, I don’t even use soft toilet paper. I must use the abrasive Scott Tissue. It cleans so much better and doesn’t leave little balls of shitty toilet paper in your crack like the softer toilet papers do. I hate getting ready to eat some pussy and finding toilet paper wads in a chicks crack!

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