The Leeching Cling-ons of the Social World

Have you ever met a person, had a good time, and then parted ways thinking you’d probably never hang out with that person again? Most of the time the feeling is mutual, but sometimes you run into a Leeching Cling-on of the Social World. I don’t want to sound shallow or calloused, and I’m not, but these situations are out there. I know some one’s got to be able to relate.

A Leeching Cling-on of the Social World is defined by the following characteristics:

  • an inability to understand that sometimes (for whatever reason) people don’t want to hang out again.
  • the uncontrollable urge to call, text, email, and leave messages repeatedly when none are reciprocated
  • implied eternal bond when ever they do get through to talk
  • asking of questions such as : “Why are you mad at me?” and “Did you fall asleep?” When you blow them off
  • Showing up unannounced at all hours of the night or day
  • Asking if they can stay even when it’s obvious you are busy
  • Having their friends call when they know that you won’t answer their calls
  • Calling you at work or showing up at your work to “go to lunch” unannounced
  • throwing rocks at your window in the middle of the night
  • Trying to become friends with your friends so that they’ll have a chance to see you and “hang out”
  • There are always new and unique ways being found to get a hold of you: homing pigeons, singing telegrams, letters slid under the door, etc.
Should you find yourself in one of these situations, find a solution and get back to me- or maybe you already have the solution. Either way I’d appreciate some advice. I don’t think I’m being too nice, or overly accommodating to these people; just can’t figure it out. It’s just one of many things I don’t understand.

10 thoughts on “The Leeching Cling-ons of the Social World

  1. Yes there is a solution, Put a reef on your door at home and your door at work. Steal a slow funeral sign from someones yard and place it in yours. Change your number and your name. Then let them freak out when they see you again.

  2. I have had that problem a couple times before and it’s not hard to fix. You just have to tell them the truth! Say “Mr. cling on, You seem to have alot of great qualities but I really don’t have the time to make or maintain any more close friends.” People like that never get the hint. You just have to tell them nicely.

  3. I agree with Billiam as well – they just don’t get it! But the key word is nicely – no use making them mad and have them become a full fledged stalker. I don’t mean to be flip, but some of these people definitely need help with their social skills…

  4. Hmm I had that kind of problem too but I usually just ignore that person and have to hang out if I have to haha

  5. I’m always too nice, but if this ever happens to me again I’m determined to take Billiam’s advice. Although I must admit, the funeral thing is pretty darn entertaining : ).

  6. My advice:Move, get a new phone number and email, possibly dye your hair, change jobs or get a Rottweiler.If that doesn’t work, get married and say you’re “sorry but my wife/husband doesn’t want you around.”

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