Enjoying the Manscape (A Woman's Perspective)

Manscape. It’s a beautiful word isn’t it? It aptly describes what can be done to groom the hair on a man’s body. Ooo-la-la! (Manscaping is sexy!) Some men need very little manscaping, while others well… I’ve seen some hairy men- hairy, hairy, hairy men. (They definitely need it) There are also men who take manscaping to an extreme, and that’s absolutely unnecessary. We, as women, don’t want to date a 12 year old, we want to date a man!Now, there’s the good, manscaped hairy:

And the bad hairy:

(The picture above is a bad example of manscaping)
Unfortunately, I’ve had to put sunscreen on a hairy back before. Picture this: It’s a beautiful day at the beach. You never go without sunscreen and it’s time to re-apply. Bad Hairy asks for your assistance in covering his back. No problem right? You squeeze the lotion in to your hands, rub them together to get the lotion nice and warm and start to slather sunscreen on Bad Hairy’s back. Let me tell you, it is not a pleasant experience. Hair falls out- It’s a natural fact, but short hair and sunscreen stick like glue. You pull your hands away and they’re now covered with short black hairs that don’t come off easily. YUCK! So then you rub your hands in the sand and you’ve got hairy, sandy hands. The only thing to do is wash them off.During the winter months and when you’re not at the beach, I could care less about the hair on your back… unless I’m giving a body massage. Moral of the story: It may be a good idea to consider what’s back there and what’s appropriate for different… atmospheres.

The manscape, obviously, is not limited to the back. It’s never a good thing to see hair peeking out of some one’s nose or ears, but the fun part is the rest of the body. πŸ˜‰ I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty, but lets just say, keep your woman (or at least A woman) in mind. Ask for suggestions if you really want her to be happy- she may even want to help.

If that’s not enough information I suggest reading these articles:

Consider yourself edified on the subject!


12 thoughts on “Enjoying the Manscape (A Woman's Perspective)

  1. I can’t stop laughing because it’s true! First visit to your blog, and the word blogroll comes to mind. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Back must be waxed and nether regions must be manscaped very, very short! Nobody wants to chew on a wad of hair!

  3. oh my, sooo true!i personally hate body hair, so a full wax for men should be standard procedure! when you think of all the stuff women go through (make-up, high heels, plastic surgery, etc. etc.) a little full body wax on a regular basis should be the least you can expect from every decent man!angelicahttp://dysfunctioalhousewives.com

  4. Too funny! If I can take the pain of waxing in delicate places, a man can certainly take it on his back if he looks like a grizzly! That’s my opinion anyway. πŸ™‚ We know it hurts, but it feels so nice afterwards! πŸ˜‰

  5. Omg! Hairs at the back?! Ewww..i don’t dig carpet. It is totally NOT HOT! It doesnt look like a man, it looks more like a gorilla (sorry!) P.S. I was on looking into this page when my mom walked by and reprimanded me, she thought i was watching naked men on the net hahahah!

  6. As a guy I like the feel of a well groomed body. I shave down below and the stomach. I leave some on my chest, arms and legs but keep it trimmed short. My wife loves it.

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