Building History

I’m in love with old buildings. They draw me to them with their history and the fact that maybe no one knows it anymore. I love the architecture, the feel, the smells, the musty dark corners, the dirt floor basements, the creaky old attics. I love it all. The other day while I was waiting for a friend who was having her car repaired, I snapped these pictures with my cell phone. (one day, I will have a nice camera)
Ads painted on brick are synonymous with old buildings- they go together like peas and carrots. I love them too. Old, faded, painted brick just adds so much character to a building.
This is something I’ve really enjoyed noticing about down town Salt Lake City. This is just one building. There are a lot of new buildings and a lot of the older buildings are being restored. I like to capture memories of the old before they are gone. SLC is not too old, but it’s just old enough, I think.

13 thoughts on “Building History

  1. What is the oldest building in Salt Lake City? Chicago’s was totally rebuilt after the fire in 1871, so it is relatively new. I am from Boston where it seems way older.PeterH

  2. I’m assuming you are referring to the cities being older than they look. Surely you’re not implying that Wonder Woman is old!

  3. I love old adverts on buildings, and they’re becoming a rare site where I live (a lot of redevelopment happening in the Central Business District), but catching sight of one always makes me wonder about the days of ‘then’, what life was like, and on those occasions I become nostalgic, missing my childhood (for the more recent adverts). It can be like that when viewing old print adverts that can be postered up in old corner stores/grocery stores.

  4. I love to take photos of old buildings too. Have you ever heard it called urban exploration? There is rural too. I have photos I have taken on my blog and up on Flickr. You can find a ton of urban exploration photos and a group for ghost signs too on Flickr. Last week I was out of town and found an old farmhouse all boarded up. I walked around and got it from as many angles as I could. A couple of the photos are really neat. 🙂

  5. i love these! it’s really cool to see signs like that, it makes you feel a little humble in the context of time.

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